CBM Files from Canada Remote Systems

These are the Commodore files from Canada Remote Systems (CRS) which was a major commercial bulletin board system located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada from 1979 to 1996. From 1989 to around 1995 I was the Commodore Chairman of the CBM section and was responsible for populating the file section. Most of the files originated from QLink and Genie. Thanks to Jim Dearden for sending me all the files he downloaded before CRS shut down.

geoLink 128 IRC Client

geoLink is an IRC client for GEOS 64/128 and an RR-NET compatible network cartridge such as the 64NIC+, 1541 Ultimate, RR-Net, MMC Replay, or FB-Net network card. geoLink V1.01 was released in 2010 by ShadowM for the C64 and C128 in 40 column mode. In 2019 I created a build environment in CC65 and got to work on porting it to 80 column mode on the C128. geoLink128 can be downloaded as a .