geoLink 128 IRC Client

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geoLink is an IRC client for GEOS 64/128 and an RR-NET compatible network cartridge such as the 64NIC+, 1541 Ultimate, RR-Net, MMC Replay, or FB-Net network card. geoLink V1.01 was released in 2010 by ShadowM for the C64 and C128 in 40 column mode. In 2019 I created a build environment in CC65 and got to work on porting it to 80 column mode on the C128.

geoLink128 can be downloaded as a .d64 image or in GEOS Convert format from here.

Note:  ‘WiFi’ modems and the the 1541 Ultimate II+ / Ultimate 64 ACIA / Swiftlink emulation are not supported. For the 1541 Ultimate II+ ACIA, use U-Chat64/128. For Bo Zimmerman’s WiFi modem, try the C64Net IRC client.

geoLink128: geoLink64: