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 C64 - Utilities

 ARCed files (.ARC) can be uncompacted using ARC250.SDA (DIR 7)
 LYNXed files (.LNX) can be extracted using LYNX15. (DIR 7)

1581l2.prg       2048  03-06-92  Prints 1581 menus with up to 80 programs
                                 listed on it.                             (CC
1581ma.arc      22656  01-07-91  A directory manipulator that works on the C64
                                 or C128 in both screen modes.  Sorts,
                                 scratches, renames etc.  Supports 1581
41alignm.prg     3072  11-07-90  A 1541 aligning program.  The more beeps you
                                 hear at the half track, the better aligned
                                 your drive is.
64keypad.prg     1152  10-10-92  lets you use the 128 number keypad and cursor
                                 keys in 64 mode
80-col.64        3712  09-01-88  80 columns on your C64!
80cols.prg       4352  03-20-90  Makes your screen 80 columns
80column.arc     3328  02-03-90  Eighty column screen generator.
ace12asm.sfx    48128  11-08-94  Source code and documentation for the new
                                 one-pass assembler in Ace version 12. Load
                                 and run to dissolve
                                 Uploaded by: Commodore Chairman
ace13-1.sfx     47232  04-22-95  Version 13 of the ACE operating system for
                                 the C64 and C128. Load and run to dissolve.
                                 File one of three, also get ace13-2.sfx and
                                 Uploaded by: Commodore Chairman
ace13-2.sfx     38912  04-22-95  Version 13 of the ACE operating system for
                                 the C64 and C128
                                 Uploaded by: Commodore Chairman
ace13asd.sfx    22528  04-22-95  Documentation for the ACE assembler, version
                                 13. Load and run to dissolve. Text is in
                                 Ascii, you will have to translate it in ACE.
                                 Uploaded by: Commodore Chairman
ace13doc.sfx    42112  04-22-95  Documentation for ACE version 13. Load and
                                 run to dissolve. Text is in Ascii, you will
                                 have to translate it with ACE if you want it
                                 in petscii.
                                 Uploaded by: Commodore Chairman
ace13prd.sfx    36864  04-22-95  Programmers guide for ACE version 13. Load
                                 and run to dissolve. Text is in Ascii.
                                 Uploaded by: Commodore Chairman
ace14-bc.doc     7168  07-08-95  Documentation for Ace 14's Bcode.
                                 Uploaded by: Commodore Chairman
ace14-fx.doc     9344  07-08-95  Documentation for Ace 14's fx protocol.
                                 Uploaded by: Commodore Chairman
ace14a.sfx      32768  07-08-95  version 14 of the ACE operating system for
                                 the C64.128. Five files, a to e. Load and run
                                 to dissolve.
                                 Uploaded by: Commodore Chairman
ace14b.sfx      34816  07-08-95  Ace version 14
                                 Uploaded by: Commodore Chairman
ace14c.sfx      34816  07-08-95  Ace version 14
                                 Uploaded by: Commodore Chairman
ace14d.sfx      45184  07-08-95  Ace version 14
                                 Uploaded by: Commodore Chairman
ace14e.sfx      46080  07-08-95  Ace version 14
                                 Uploaded by: Commodore Chairman
ace14tec.doc    21504  07-08-95  Technical documenation for Ace version 14
                                 Uploaded by: Commodore Chairman
ace14trm.doc    18432  07-08-95  Documentation for Ace 14's terminal program
                                 Uploaded by: Commodore Chairman
ace15-ap.bco    82116  12-21-95  Applications for ACE v15 in bcoded format.
                                 Uploaded by: Commodore Chairman
ace15-ap.kar   445375  12-21-95  Source code for the applications of ACE v15
                                 in kar format
                                 Uploaded by: Commodore Chairman
ace15-as.doc    48746  12-21-95  ACE v15 assembler documentation
                                 Uploaded by: Commodore Chairman
ace15-bc.doc     6304  12-21-95  ACE v15 bcode documentation
                                 Uploaded by: Commodore Chairman
ace15-fi.doc     7685  12-21-95  Files listing and summary for ACE v15
                                 Uploaded by: Commodore Chairman
ace15-fx.doc     9194  12-21-95  ACE v15 fx file transfer protocol
                                 Uploaded by: Commodore Chairman
ace15-sy.bco   159136  12-21-95  ACE v15 main program files in bcode format.
                                 Uploaded by: Commodore Chairman
ace15-sy.kar   303187  12-21-95  Source code for the ACE v15 main program
                                 files in kar format.
                                 Uploaded by: Commodore Chairman
ace15-te.doc    22963  12-21-95  ACE v15 technical documentation
                                 Uploaded by: Commodore Chairman
ace15-tm.doc    18147  12-21-95  documentation for ACE v15 terminal program
                                 Uploaded by: Commodore Chairman
ace15-tu.doc      868  12-21-95  ACE v15 tutorial (not finished, just a start)
                                 Uploaded by: Commodore Chairman
ace15-us.kar   136513  12-21-95  Source code for bcode, unbcode, unkar,
                                 pbmtovbm, and fx in ansi c. These can be
                                 compiled on a unix host, and used with ACE on
                                 the 64/128. In kar format.
                                 Uploaded by: Commodore Chairman
ace15-z.doc      8604  12-21-95  ACE v15 "ZED" text editor documentation
                                 Uploaded by: Commodore Chairman
ace15.doc       95067  12-21-95  Documentation for ACE v15
                                 Uploaded by: Commodore Chairman
ace15a.sfx      45113  01-01-96  Ace version 15 in sfx format. File one of
                                 Uploaded by: Commodore Chairman
ace15b.sfx      45663  01-01-96  Ace version 15 in sfx format. File two of
                                 Uploaded by: Commodore Chairman
ace15c.sfx      45315  01-01-96  Ace version 15 in sfx format. File three of
                                 Uploaded by: Commodore Chairman
ace15d.sfx      46146  01-01-96  Ace version 15 in sfx format. File four of
                                 Uploaded by: Commodore Chairman
ace15e.sfx      41154  01-01-96  Ace version 15 in sfx format. File five of
                                 Uploaded by: Commodore Chairman
acev12a.sfx     46080  11-08-94  Ace version 12 for the C64 & 128. A Unix-like
                                 shell and operating environment that includes
                                 uuencode, uudecode, bcode and bdcode, etc.
                                 File one of two. Load and run to dissolve.
                                 Uploaded by: Commodore Chairman
acev12b.sfx     47104  11-08-94  Ace version 12 for the C64 & 128. File one of
                                 two. Load and run to dissolve.
                                 Uploaded by: Commodore Chairman
addres.prg       6272  07-11-93  Prints address labels.
                                 Uploaded by: Alex Burger
allpmenu.sfx    12288  02-07-92  All Purpose Menu V9.0 is a C64/128 disk menu
amatrdb.sfx     13312  10-12-91  ARDAB V1.5 is an Amateur Radio DAta Base for
                                 your logbook.                             (CC
amiset.sfx      34816  01-01-96  New character sets by Gaelyne Moranec
                                 Uploaded by: Commodore Chairman
amort            9856  02-03-90  Amort table program                       (CR
angles           3072  03-31-90  Calculations for a right triangle         (CR
applsoft.sda    14336  11-15-89  Run apple basic programs
arc230.hlp       4096  12-22-88  Help for ARC230. (Also good for ARC250.4)  AB
arc230.sda      17792  02-03-90  ARCHIVE PROGRAM NEEDED TO DE-ARC 64/128   (CR
arc2304.prg     13312  09-29-89  Older version of arc when you find that
                                 arc250 screws up 1581 drives sometimes
arc230b.prg     13312  05-01-91  ARC230 for use with the BI-80 80 column card
                                 ONLY.                                      CC
arc250.sda      47103  01-30-91  Arc V2.5 for the 64 (self dissolves)
arcaid.arc      11264  09-29-89  A new way of using ARC!  Menu driven.
arkive2.0       24704  01-28-90  Easy to use ark: also handles lynx files  (CR
arkivev2.0      26624  12-21-89  This creates/dissolves .ark files.  In
                                 operation it is very close to lynx/library. I
                                 believe that it is 1541 type drive specific.
asc2pet.v2       3072  02-21-93  Program that will translate a file from Ascii
                                 to Commodore Petscii. Also will split the
                                 file into smaller chunks at the same time if
                                 desired, as well as translate up to 9
                                 characters to other characters. This will
                                 let you replace IBM control codes with CBM
                                 codes for example.                        (CC
audio.prg        3072  09-29-89  This program makes a cassette tape label that
                                 will fit inside a cassette jacket.        (AB
autoboot.c       2048  01-15-90  Auto boots files from directory           (CR
autohex.prg      1024  05-26-91  A ML wedge that allows you to use HEX or
                                 BINARY numbers in BASIC.  Eg: POKE $D020,%10
                                 to change the border colour to RED.        CC
autox.sda       18432  07-18-91  Record and track your auto expenses.
                                 Requires a C= compat. printer. V2.5       (CC
balance2.prg    29696  05-26-91  Graph your financial standings and more.   CC
barcodes.prg     1152  04-01-91  Prints UPC bar codes on a MPS-801 or 1525
                                 compatible printer.
basiced.prg      3072  01-31-91  Said to be a nice and small addition to BASIC
                                 allowing 3 lines max and a smooth
                                 non-crashable screen scroller.  Reviewed by
                                 Stephen Dirschauer in November RUN 1990
                                 Mag.  Read "BASICED.TXT" for further
                                 directions            (AH
basiced.txt      1536  01-30-91  Text file for "BASICED.PRG".  It is necessary
                                 to read this prior to usage...            (AH
ba_v6_1.sda     32768  10-11-90  Bank Account V6.  Records checking and
                                 savings account transactions, prints cheques,
                                 pop-up calculator, mailing labels, search
                                 function and more...  C64.  Needs files:
                                 BA_V6_2.SDA and FLSRCH.PRG (rename to FILE
ba_v6_2.sda     45056  10-11-90  Part two of two.  Other files needed:
                                 BA_V6_1.SDA and FLSRCH.PRG (rename to FILE
                                 SEARCH, and replace with file in SDA).
bbsbase.prg     10240  04-01-91  A database for keeping track of your BBS
                                 phone #s, passwords, IDs etc.  Load and RUN.
bforth          24576  09-29-89  Blazing forth - forth implementation
bkwdsed.prg      2048  10-13-91  Screen editor routine to enter text backwards
                                 using a sprite cursor.                    (CC
blanker1.lnx     4992  04-04-93  Screen blanker for super snapdhot v5.xx -
                                 Installs as an option 8 and can blank your
                                 screen to any available colour.
                                 Uploaded by: Margaret Sloan
blitzer.64      16000  01-28-90  A blitz like compiler program.            (CR
c3p0.prg         6144  01-03-91  Practice morse code sending and receiving
                                 with this BASIC program.
cad.sfx         47104  05-12-90  Computer Aided Drawing package
calend.sda      21632  03-06-92  Constructs personalized calendars.  For use
                                 with a Commodore compat. printer.         (CC
catalog.arc     44032  06-06-90  A complete disk catalog and housekeeping
cbook.sda       49280  06-08-91  A checkbook program for BOTH the 64 and 128
                                 (80 col).  Both versions are 100% compatable
                                 with each other.  C64 mode SDA file.       CC
cgedit.prg      16384  04-29-91  A Colour/Graphics sequential file EDITor V2.5
                                 by Rick Mathewson.                        (CC
check158.prg     1152  09-29-89  Check your 1581's j1 and wd177x. If j1 is
                                 open or your wd177x is a 1770 take it to cbm
                                 repair depot for warranty upgrade (no time
chkbk.lbr       34816  03-06-92  Shareware checkbook balancer that handles a
                                 maximum of 100 transactions per month.    (CC
cnid1581.prg     1152  12-24-89  1581 CHANGE ID changes a 1581 disk ID
cnna1581.prg     2048  12-24-89  1581 CHANGE NAME changes a 1581 disk name
column80         4096  02-11-90  80 Column emulator for the C64            (CR
comic.sda       19456  12-11-92  database program for keeping track of comic
                                 book collections. Lets you store up to 50
                                 titles per disk, and up to 750 issues per
                                 title. Load and run to dissolve.
comicls.sda     13312  12-11-92  database for keeping track of limited edition
                                 comic books. Lets you store 100 titles a
                                 disk, and up to 30 issues per title. Load and
                                 run to dissolve.
coproc.prg       7168  09-30-91  A demonstration of using the 6502 MPU in a
                                 1541 as a math coprocessor.  BOTH the C64 and
                                 DOS calculate the square root of an integer
                                 to 199 figures at the same time.  Explains
                                 how it was done.                          (CC
copy.arc        41984  12-27-88  File copy/utility for +4/16/64/128  2 drives
copy41.sfx       6144  03-18-90  Collection of copiers for the 1541
copya64.prg      3072  12-06-90  COPY ALL 64 by Jim Butterfield.  A two drive
                                 file copier tht works with any drive
                                 (including RAMDOS).
countdwn.sfx    12288  05-07-94  Little program that lets you put a countdown
                                 on te screen while the program you made is
                                 loading. (Beats staring at a "program
                                 loading please wait" sign!). Load and run to
                                 dissolve. C64
                                 Uploaded by: Commodore Chairman
csx01.sda       13056  09-01-88  C64/C128 utility to dissolve MS-DOS archives
csx01src.zip    12025  11-23-91  Source for CSX01
                                 Uploaded by: Chris Smeets
csxarc.sda      13312  02-03-90  IBM DE-ARC'ER WILL NOT CREATE IBM ARC     (CR
cuberoot.prg     3072  01-03-91  Calculates a cube or cube root.
dataf4_5.prg    17408  06-06-90  Version 4.5 of Datafile for the C64.
datafile.sfx    22528  03-19-90  Mike Konshack's last Datafile excursion
daycheck.prg    12288  07-05-92  Enter the date, and it will till you the day
                                 of the week.
dcmr.sfx        39040  03-19-90  Disk Cataloger REporter.. Biggest buffer of
                                 all catalogers that I've used. Not bad
                                 printing options
dcode.arc       21120  08-07-88  C64 disassembler & ml utility
decode.prg      10240  05-01-91  A compiled, 4-pass disassembler for the C64.
                                 Output in LADS format.                     CC
decomper.mad    23040  12-21-95  Madmad software's public domain decompressor.
                                 Use this to unpack the color 64 bbs
                                 compressed files, or any other compressed
                                 file with a .caf extension.
                                 Uploaded by: Commodore Chairman
demomkr1.sfx    43008  02-11-95  A collection of demo makers for the C64. File
                                 one of three, load and run to dissolve.
                                 Uploaded by: Commodore Chairman
demomkr2.sfx    48128  02-11-95  A collection of deom makers for the C64. File
                                 two of three, load and run to dissolve.
                                 Uploaded by: Commodore Chairman
demomkr3.sfx    35840  02-11-95  A collection of demo makers for the C64. File
                                 three of three, load and run to dissolve.
                                 Uploaded by: Commodore Chairman
dir.aid         23552  08-24-88  Directory Arranger                        (GB
diraid.arc      17024  07-25-88  Directory utility
dirassis.ark    34816  08-24-88  Directory Orginizer with docs. ARC 2.50   (GB
dirassis.prg    23552  02-25-91  A C64/1541 directory utility.  Change names,
                                 add inserts, add ",8" or ",8,1" to the
                                 filenames, alphabetize etc.
dired.prg       11264  12-26-89  A 1541/71/81 directory editor.  Try on a
                                 unwanted disk first.
disk            14336  07-25-88  Disk utility
disk.uti         1280  04-25-90  A handy little disk utility               (CR
diskcal.prg     11264  03-06-92  Reads up to 600 file names from various disks
                                 and figures out what files should be moved so
                                 you have 0 blocks free on the disk.  Very
                                 fast ML routine, but slow BASIC sort.     (CC
diskcmd.prg      3072  05-17-93  small program that lets you embed commands
                                 after the filename, such as
                                 : ,8 ,8,1 joy1 joy2, etc.                 (CC
diskdoc2.prg    10240  11-07-90  A drive aligner program for the 41/71.
diskdoc4        17408  02-11-90  Disk track and sector editor.             (CR
diskdoc4.doc    32128  02-11-90  Docs for DISKDOC4                         (CR
diskexam.prg     2048  10-11-89  Check the ID's of a disk and check for
                                 errors.                                   (AB
disklabl.arc    27648  01-10-90  Disk cataloger/labeler                    (DJ
disklist.sda    12288  01-10-90  Disk cataloger                            (DJ
diskman.c64     11008  01-28-90  DISKMANGER UTILITY FOR 64                 (CR
dismbl64.sfx    33792  02-11-95  Lets you dissasemble programs, and examine or
                                 modify the source. C64, load and run to
                                 Uploaded by: Commodore Chairman
division.prg     1024  01-03-91  Displays the division tables.
docs220.arc     41984  09-29-89  Documentation for ARC.                     DC
doctor.arc       4096  01-28-90  Disk sector editor. Be CAREFULL w/this!   (CR
dupfind.prg      3072  03-06-92  Scans 2 disks for duplicate files.
                                 1541/71/81.                               (CC
dwhiz.prg       14336  01-07-91  Disk Whiz allows you to run, print, copy,
                                 rename, and scratch files with ease.  Works
                                 with the 1541/71/81, and more.
ebedit.prg      11264  08-25-91  An extended background colour text editor.(CC
enigma1.arc      9216  05-26-91  A program that encrypts SEQ files with a
                                 password.                                  CC
evsbasic.arc    60416  05-26-91  A BASIC wedge that adds around 45 new
                                 commands for graphics, sprites, sound, string
                                 functions, i/o and more.                   CC
exphn5-1.prg     9216  09-16-92  EZ PHONE BOOK V5.1 for the C128 40/80 and
                                 C64!  A phone book utility.
ezdos.prg       16384  02-25-91  A disk utility for the C64/1541.  Allows you
                                 do perform disk functions including
                                 unscratch, ASCII to PETSCII, split SEQ files,
                                 lock the disk etc.
ezldr2-8.sfx    26624  02-11-95  Version 2.8 of EZ-loader. This is a menu
                                 program that runs on the 64 or 128, and is
                                 compatable with just about every drive.
                                 Supports timed execution on programs. Load
                                 and run to dissolve.
                                 Uploaded by: Commodore Chairman
ezldr3-0.sfx    45184  07-15-95  Version 3 of Ez-loader, a menu program for
                                 the 64/128. Supports 40 or 80 column, timed
                                 events, scripting, and more.
                                 Uploaded by: Jim Dearden
f-keyprg.prg     3072  05-26-91  Allows you to redefine the function keys.  CC
fast.dsk         4096  05-09-90  Fastloader for the 1541 and clones
fastflc.prg      4096  05-26-91  A fast single drive file copy program.     CC
fastgrbg.prg    15104  12-29-89  Speeds 64-BASIC garbage collections
fastload         1024  01-15-90  Fast load program for the 1541            (CR
fastload.prg     4096  12-24-89  A 1541 fast loader.                       (CC
filecopy.arc     7168  01-28-90  File copier similar to Fasthackem         (CR
filedraw.4-5    15360  05-12-94  Database program, provides 300 records
                                 of eight files each. C64
                                 Uploaded by: Commodore Chairman
filemv.prg       5120  03-18-91  A C64/1541 BASIC utility that moves any file
                                 to the top of the directory where it can be
                                 LOADed ":*",8:  Changes file types, locks
                                 or unlocks files, and unscratches files.  (CC
find.prg         1024  05-01-91  A machine language program for the 64 to find
                                 character strings in a BASIC program.
                                 LOAD"FIND",8,1 and SYS 49152.              CC
flsrch.prg      11264  10-11-90  Goes with files BA_V6_1.SDA and BA_V6_2.SDA.
fltypch.prg      6144  03-28-90  Allows you to change the filetype of a file
                                 to/from PRG, USR, SEQ, and DEL (which will
                                 not show up in the directory).            (CC
fontshop.arc    18432  05-29-92  An excellent character set editor.        (CC
format           1920  01-28-90  Nine second fast disk formatter.          (CR
foxload.prg      2048  12-24-89  A fast loader for the 1541                (CC
freemem.prg      2048  05-26-91  A program that runs in the background and
                                 gives a running total of how much memeory is
                                 free in the computer on the top right of the
                                 screen.                                    CC
gabv3.ark       18432  08-24-88  GAB Adv. Writer V3.0 Use ARC 2.30+        (GB
gabv3.txt        6144  08-24-88  Docs for GAB V3.0 Adv. Writer.            (GB
garbage           512  07-10-90  Fast garbage collection for the C64.      (GF
garbage.bud      5760  07-16-90  The source code to GARBAGE.PRG, in BUDDY (or
                                 PAL) format.                              (CC
garbage2.prg      512  07-16-90  A garbage collection routine.  Sys 49152 to
                                 start.  Same as GARBAGE, but relocated.   (CC
gardenc.prg     13312  07-05-92  Computes the area, nutrient requirements, and
                                 soil acidity (pH) requirements for your
golf1           17408  01-15-90  Golf tracking file                        (CR
graph-p2.prg    12288  11-29-90  Print out graph paper in different sizes:
                                 79 x 99, 40 x 50, 25 x 30.                (AB
guitar.prg       6144  05-01-91  A short BASIC 2.0 program that helps you
                                 learn where to play the notes on the guitar.
hackdoc.arc      8704  07-25-88  C64 "hacker"'s disk doctor (editor)
halcalc.prg      6272  05-26-91  Halculator is a calculator written in BASIC
                                 that accepts decimal, hex, and binary
                                 numbers.  It will even accept time (eg: 2:50
                                 + 1:20 = 4:10)!                            CC
halley.prg       7168  01-03-91  Tells you where to look in the sky for
                                 HALLEY'S COMET between the years of 1946 to
                                 2026.  Modified for C64 from a TRS Model
                                 III/4 computer.                           (CC
heidi.prg        5248  10-11-89  Check how fast you can type.              (AB
hideprg.prg      5120  07-28-92  Hides files on the 1541 disk drive.
hypra-ld         1536  08-22-88  Speed up loading on 64/1541
idea.sda        31744  06-06-90  A 1541/71/81 directory editor which supports
                                 Geos files, and 4 drives.  IDEA stands for
                                 Intuitive Directory Editing Assistance.   (CC
indexfil.sda    40960  05-26-91  A text oriented database that doesn't use
                                 fields.  An old program from 1985.         CC
inductor.prg     3072  10-14-90  INDUCTOR MAKER lets you make your own
                                 inductors.                                (CC
jacket.c64       3968  01-28-90  Prints cut&paste jackets for disks        (CR
jiffydem.arc     9216  06-06-90  A C64 demo of JiffyDos.                   (CC
jmprint.lnx      8448  04-12-90  A print utility - Sort of emulates a
                                 typewriter.  Turr printer on before using!(JM
label3.prg       5120  12-10-91  Make name and address labels.  3 x 1      (CC
library9.arc    14336  07-24-88  C64 library utility & basic file compactor
links           32896  01-15-90  Lynx 15 disk compator and disolver...     (CR
list-all         6144  01-02-89  Program lister, translates to text, CBM comp.
lister.dsk       3968  09-01-88  Makes an indexed disk jacket for 5 1/4 disks.
loan             4992  04-23-90  Loan amortization program                 (CR
locks81.prg     15488  02-25-91  Lock or unlock whole disk or files on the
                                 1581.                                     (CC
lscg.ark        15360  09-05-88  Re-up of LADS v3.0 Srce Code Generator.   (GB
ltkedit2.prg    14592  07-04-93  Allows you to edit and add drives to your
                                 Xetec LTK hard drive.                     (AB
lynx15          32896  01-28-90  Version 15 of Lynx                        (CR
lynx9.c64       28544  01-28-90  Lynx (archival program) V9.0              (CR
lzhsfx.sfx      10240  10-12-91  Converts .LZH files into .SFX (self
                                 dissolving) files.  A BASIC program that runs
                                 on either the C64 or C128.                (CC
magic1.sfx      35840  09-06-92  Demo version of a word processor and drawing
                                 program.  The Wp is simple, and easy to use.
                                 It runs on the C64 & PET, and has 80 columns
                                 built in for the C64.  The drawing program is
                                 PETSCII based.
magic2.sfx      29696  09-06-92  File 2 of 3.
magic3.sfx      24576  09-06-92  File 3 of 3.
maktitle.sfx     6144  07-24-93  A program that lets you make title screens
                                 for .sfx files. Load and run to dissolve. (CC
math64.prg       7168  01-03-91  A math program that displays the tables, and
                                 asks random questions.  Addition, subtraction
                                 multiplication, and division.             (CC
mathgr1.prg      1024  01-03-91  Prints out a sheet of 20 math problems on a
                                 1526 printer.  There is addition and
                                 subtraction questions on each page (random).
                                 Only 11 BASIC lines long!                 (CC
mathutil.prg    47104  02-04-90  Math Utility 1.  Main menu consists of:
                                 Solve a finite intergral
                                 Normal probability
                                 Solve/plot linear equations
                                 Solve roots of F(x)=0                     (CC
medicaid.ark   121472  03-31-90  Find out what your medical trouble is?    (CR
megadir.arc      3072  09-29-89  1541 disk utility                         (DC
memdis.prg       3072  01-10-90  Memory dissector                           (D
menu.c64         1536  01-28-90  This is just an auto-load menu            (CR
micro.arc       56960  06-23-89  Nice database with docs for C64.
microdos.sda     8192  05-26-91  A wedge that adds new commands to BASIC such
                                 as UNNEW, tracing, delete lines, auto-lin
                                 numbering etc.                             CC
mixednum.ber     8960  07-24-88  C-64 educational game (math)
monitor4.prg     4224  01-10-90  Ml monitor sys 4*4096                     (DJ
monomult.ctn    10368  07-24-88  C-64 educational game (math)
months.sda      10240  06-08-91  A calendar program with a notepad.  Allows
                                 you to print hardcopies.                   CC
moresmrt.arc    12288  07-17-90  Some new/updated files for use with the
                                 SMARTWATCH.                                CC
mortgage        11392  02-03-90  Just what the name says
mortgage.fil    11392  07-24-88  C-64 educational game (math)
ms-dos.64        5760  01-15-90  Use your C64 like an IBM.                 (CR
mscopy.sda       9216  03-09-93  Allows you to copy files from 3.5" MS-DOS
                                 disks using the 1581. C64.                (AB
mutfund          4096  10-31-90  Cal*Kit spreadsheet file for determining
                                 Mutual Fund yields over 35 years          (TF
mwdskutl.prg    15360  01-10-90  Markus Wardels disk utility               (DJ
nonlin64.prg    20480  01-09-91  Professional data analysis for the C64. Finds
                                 best straight or curved line through up to 99
                                 data points.  Performs linear regression and
                                 will fit to polynomial, exponential or
                                 daturation curves.  Requires Simon's Basic
                                 for plotting to the screen (isn't required
                                 for analysis). See NONLINDC.SEQ for docs. (CC
nonlindc.seq    12288  01-09-91  Documentation for NONLIN64.PRG and
                                 NONLIN.PRG.                               (CC
nzip6411.sfx    12288  06-06-93  Unzip 64 version 1.01. Dissolves IBM zip
                                 files (pkzip v1 only). If run on a 128 will
                                 take advantage of the 128 2Mhz speed. Load
                                 and run to dissolve.                      (JD
o8snap.arc       7168  03-24-92  Make your own OPTION 8 for Super Snapshot
                                 V5.x using a BASIC or ML.                 (CC
offread.prg     16384  10-30-91  An 80 column SEQ PETSCII/ASCII reader. C64(CC
penpal.ark      29696  08-24-88  A very good Mailing Base                  (GB
penpal.lnx      51072  02-03-90  Well-done database/letter writer          (CR
perbums.prg     27648  01-03-91  A Personal Budget Management System to
                                 maintain your personal, household, family,
                                 and/or business budgets.  Shareware.      (CC
periodic.prg    10368  10-14-90  PERIODIC TABLE V1 is a Periodic Table.
                                 Displays: atomic #, smbol, and mass,
                                 oxidation states, electon config., 1st
                                 ionization energy, electroegativity, covalent
                                 radius, atomic radius in metals, and Van der
                                 Waals radius.                             (CC
phelp4.txt       5120  01-30-91  "Power Instruct4".  This is the help file to
                                 "POWER4.PRG", "Power Window 4".           (AH
power4.prg       7168  01-31-91  "Power Window 4" 40x200 colour/graphics
                                 editor for the C64.  The "PHELP4.TXT" file is
                                 the help file you read in to learn how to use
                                 the editor.           (AH
printdoc.arc   142336  03-19-90  ARC documentation and print utility       (DJ
prntfont.sfx     7168  01-04-91  LQ Printer font for Epson compatible printers
                                 that have font download carabilities      (JM
pslab.prg        4096  09-30-91  Print labels on an Epson-compatible printer
                                 using PrintShop graphics.  Version 2.0    (CC
rambasic.prg     1024  05-12-91  A BASIC extension that gives extra
                                 commands like the C128s STASH, FETCH, etc. CC
ramboss.sda      9216  11-29-90  For 1-2 MEG REUs.  Swaps the memory around so
                                 you can have more than one RAMDisk using
                                 RAMDOS.                                   (CC
ramdos.sfx      23552  03-19-90  Barebones ramdos 4.4 for the C64          (DJ
ramex.arc        4096  05-12-91  Another BASIC extension that gives
                                 commands like the C128s STASH, FETCH, etc. CC
readalod.prg    17408  05-12-94  Small demo program that will read
                                 sequence files out loud.
                                 Uploaded by: Commodore Chairman
remote.prg       3072  01-31-91  "BBI SM-REMOTE V2", 300,350,400,1200 & 2400
                                 bauds supported.  ASCII, Colour.  Works with
                                 CPowerC Shell, ML monitors, etc.
                                 Relocatable.  Download docs "SMART.TXT" in
                                 order to use it fully.                    (AH
resident.clk     2048  02-19-90  C64 resident clock                        (DJ
reu27.prg        2048  05-29-92  Tests your REU over and over again.
                                 Supports up to 2 megs!                    (CC
saide.arc       30720  09-29-89  Super aide utilty package.                (DC
saided.arc      46080  09-29-89  Documentation for Super Aide pd version   (DC
samclock.prg     2048  01-04-91  A talking clock for use with SAM.         (CC
samdemo.prg      2048  01-04-91  A demo of SAM's capabilities (software mouth)
scienc2.prg     12288  10-14-90  SCIENCE CALC2 is a multi-function calculator
                                 for your C64.                             (CC
scntcalc.prg    12288  05-26-91  A scientific calculator with 30 different
                                 functions.                                 CC
scratch.c64       256  01-28-90  Easy and quick scratch prog. erases good!!(CR
sda233.sda      27008  07-24-88  Self Disolving Arc utility for the 64 & 128
sdadir.sda      15360  05-26-91  Prints a 'directory' of the files in a .ARC
                                 or .SDA file.                              CC
seq2prnt.sda     6144  05-26-91  Converts a SEQ TEXT file to a BASIC program
                                 containing PRINT statements.  Great for
                                 adding documentation to your programs.     CC
seqrd80.sfx      8192  01-07-93  Displays SEQ files in 80 columns with the
                                 ability to output to a printer.  C64
seqsplit         1024  11-21-88  Sequential File splitter.
sideb236.prg    12288  10-13-91  Directory printer program for the C64/C128
                                 (either mode).  Tested on the 1541/71/81,
                                 9060 and Enhancer 2000.  Lists the directory
                                 on the left, centre or right of the page.
                                 Will also list in 2-columns if your printer
                                 supports condensed printing.              (CC
sidebs.prg      12288  03-06-92  Side by Side prints a directory in 2 columns
                                 on the printer.  1541/71/81, C64/128 40/80
                                 columns.                                  (CC
sidwrite.sfx    25088  03-04-95  Sidwriter II is a program that lets you
                                 combine text with sid music as it prints to
                                 the screen, sort of like a mini demo or
                                 Future Writer. Lets you choose your character
                                 set, and music. C64, load and run to
                                 Uploaded by: Jim Dearden
sign.sda        15360  01-03-91  SIGN LANGUAGE lets you type in a word, and
                                 then it finger spells each letter in American
                                 Sign Language on a hi-res screen.         (CC
singlecp.81      4096  09-29-89  Single copy program modified for the 1581 (DC
sleve81.prg      5120  12-10-91  Makes 3 1/2" disk sleeves that you can
                                 assemble with a bit of glue and sissors.  (CC
slice.prg        2048  10-12-91  Slices a file into slices of equal size.  (CC
smart.txt        1024  01-30-91  Documentation to "REMOTE.PRG".  Its there
                                 just to assist in usage...                (AH
solar.prg       11776  12-29-89  Solar energy utility in Commodore BASIC
speed.prg        5120  09-30-91  Measures the speed of the disk drive spindle
                                 motor of the 1541 and 71 in RPM format.  Has
                                 an accuracy of 0.1 RPM.                   (CC
spooler.prg      3072  05-12-91  A software printer spooler with an 8K buffer.
spooler2.prg     1024  03-06-92  Prints a SEQ file directly from the disk
                                 drive without the use of the computer.  You
                                 can even unplug the serial cable between the
                                 computer and the drive!                   (CC
square.prg       2048  01-03-91  Generates a TTL level square wave in the 8 Hz
                                 to 250 KHz range that is available on PIN 4
                                 of the USER PORT.                         (CC
statis.prg      16512  01-03-91  A shareware statistical package for the C64.
                                 T-TESTS, descriptive statistics, chi-square,
                                 correlation, regression, and data
                                 transformations.                          (CC
stresst.prg      9216  01-03-91  Answer 43 questions about your lifestyle to
                                 see how much stress you have.             (CC
stripper.prg     2816  12-04-91  Strips the X/Ymodem padding from a file with
                                 a 1541 drive.                             (CC
struct.bas       1792  08-22-88  Structured (waterloo) basic
subzer64.sfx    15360  02-11-95  Sub-zero 64 lets you "zero out" or erase
                                 unused sectors on your disk drive. Useful is
                                 you are zipping a disk, and only want the
                                 programs to be in the zip, or if mailing a
                                 disk to someone. Also lets you zero out
                                 sectors iin hard drive partitions, etc
                                 Uploaded by: Commodore Chairman
superaid.sda    32128  01-15-90  Disk aid                                  (CR
supercsr.lbr    21504  07-24-88  SRAM/LRAM for user with cpatchv1.bin
superdoc.arc    30592  07-25-88  Disk doctor(editor)
supermen.prg    11264  03-06-92  Super menu displays up to 500 programs on the
                                 screen for you to select.  Tells you what
                                 disk to put in, and loads it.  Requires you
                                 to enter data statements.                 (CC
survan.prg       4096  01-03-91  Lets you analyse the results of a survey with
                                 the questions, possible answers, and
                                 percentage of response.                   (CC
swapdr.prg       1024  03-06-92  Swap the device numbers between two disk
                                 drives.                                   (CC
tankvol.prg      5120  01-03-91  Calculates the quantity of liquid in a partly
                                 filled tank by sounding.  It calculates for
                                 box, sphere upright cylinder, and cylinder on
                                 dts side.  It reads out in gallons, quarts,
                                 pints, and fluid ounces.                  (CC
tbasic.arc      27648  01-10-90  Transbasic routines                       (DJ
tester           7296  01-15-90  Puts 64 through several tests
timer.prg        2432  03-05-90  Clock display - counts up or down. In 64
                                 BASIC                                     (DW
tinydir.prg      6144  12-24-89  Print out a directory in three columns using
                                 condensed print.                          (CC
tokeniz.prg      4096  01-09-91  Changes a program listing in a SEQ file to a
                                 PRG file.                                 (CC
turbogen.prg     8192  12-24-89  TURBO/VDOS GEN is a very good fast loader.(CC
tv-sats.prg      5120  01-07-95  Oldie, but goodie. Locates TV broadcasting
                                 satellites in the sky, as compass bearing and
                                 angle of elevation, as seen from any point on
                                 the Earth's surface. Potentially very useful
                                 for new Direct-To-Home satellites. Program
                                 was written in 1982 on a PET, and will run on
                                 PET/CBMs and also C-64s etc. (Use relocating
                                 LOAD on C-64.)
                                 Uploaded by: David Williams
txedit.sda      20608  05-01-91  An enhanced text editor.                   CC
type64.prg       1024  06-04-91  A VERY fast 64 mode disk file reader.  STOP
                                 pauses scroll.                             CC
typrac.prg       3200  08-29-92  Tests your typing speed.
ultimate.lyn    34816  09-11-88  The ULTIMATE LYNX III
ultra70.sda     21504  02-19-90  Sequential file viewer/editor             (DJ
ultrav6.sda     45056  09-11-88  Excellent SEQ file/reader printer.
un-zip.arc       5760  04-25-89  Use this to Un-Zip Zip Code II
unapcarc.arc    19328  01-28-90  IBM deARC program by KMMM.                (CR
unblitz.arc     14848  01-28-90  Decompile BLITZ'ed programs.              (CR
unscr81.prg      2048  12-24-89  Unscratches files from a 1581 disk.       (CC
unzip            6400  01-15-90  Un-pack zipped prgms.                     (CR
uucode2.prg      3072  10-12-91  UUXFER V1.1 for UUencoding and UUdecoding
                                 files found in the USENET conferences such as
                                 conference 1115.  CRS DOESN'T allow files to
                                 be sent over the net from CRS, but files may
                                 still come into CRS (sometimes).          (CC
v-xref.prg       2048  01-09-91  A program by Jim Butterfield that prints a
                                 cross-referenced table of variable usage in a
                                 Basic program to either the screen or
                                 printer.                                  (CC
vcr-plus.sfx    17408  03-11-93  Decodes and encodes VCR-PLUS numbers.
                                 Includes BASIC and compiled BASIC programs.
                                 C64                                       (AB
vectord.lnk     22656  05-21-90  Vector Drive is a C64 disk editor.  Load and
                                 run. Will run as is, or expand to disk.   (CC
vectord.prg     22656  05-26-91  An excellent sector editor.                CC
velvee.prg       9216  01-09-91  Strips returns from SEQ files and has other
                                 formatting features.                      (CC
vfastfil.cpy    22656  07-24-88  Very fast file copier! Shareware.
vidcon.prg       1024  05-01-91  ASCII <> PETASCII conversion program.
video.sda       32768  01-10-90  VCR cataloger 64.                         (DJ
videos.prg      10240  07-18-91  A video tape cataloger.                   (CC
warp             3840  01-28-90  Warp-copy the fastest & best on any bbs   (CR
wedge             128  01-15-90  Allows you to load dos 5.1                (CR
wrdcnt64.sfx     8832  07-04-93  Does a work count in a text file.
                                 Uploaded by: Alex Burger
xref.prg        10240  01-10-90  Very good cross reference utility         (DJ
xstrip.prg       9216  05-01-91  A compiled program that strips the XMODEM
                                 padding (CTRL-Z/$1A) from downloaded files.
xstrip.seq       3072  05-01-91  Documentation for XSTRIP.PRG and XSTRIPB.PRG
xstripb.prg      8192  05-01-91  The BASIC source to XSTRIP.PRG that runs in
                                 the C64 or C128.  Strips the XMODEM padding
                                 from downloaded files.                     CC
ypages21.prg     6272  06-27-89  Great directory organizer 1541-81 any device
zapload          1024  01-28-90  A SOFTWARE FAST LOADER                    (CR
zipcode.arc     77568  07-24-88  excellent C64 disk/file archiver.
zipcode2.lnx   160768  10-20-90  PRG file.  This is version 2 of ZIP-CODE for
                                 the C64.  All the known bugs have been fixed,
                                 plus some features have been added.  File
                                 must be deLYNXed, and then unZIPped using
                                 ZIP-CODE I, or a similar program.         (CC
zippack          6784  01-15-90  Disk compactor.                           (CR