GEOS - Documents

 ARCed files (.ARC) can be uncompacted using ARC250.SDA (DIR 7), or CS-DOS

 Geos files must be CONVERTed from regular format to GEOS format after
 downloading using CNVRT25.PRG (DIR 15) before they can be used under Geos.

32bitmt.seq     12288  07-03-91  A geoWrite documents of 11 routines to
                                 preform 32 bit math.                      (CC
3stooges.arc    10240  01-27-91  A list of the movie shorts and features done
                                 by the 3 stooges.                         (CC
basickey.prg     4096  01-27-91  A geoWrite document containing a list of the
                                 geoBASIC keywords.                        (CC
chidren.prg      2048  09-16-92  Children - Requires Tolman font geoWrite doc
chkbook.prg     21504  04-21-91  A simple geoCalc chequebook register.     (CC
datapump.sfx    23552  05-07-94  Information that lets you build your own
                                 swiftlink type modification for your system.
                                 This is not a swiftlink rip-off, but a
                                 similar method of adding a uart chip. Load
                                 and run to dissolve. Documents and schematic
                                 are in GEOS format.
                                 Uploaded by: Commodore Chairman
dxxpsalm.prg     2048  09-16-92  DXX Psalm - Requires Zapf font geoWrite doc
ellipse.seq      4224  11-07-91  A geoCalc file that solves ellipses and
                                 ellipsoids.                               (CC
fntfrm.seq       8192  07-09-91  A geoWrite 2.1 text file describing the
                                 structure of a GEOS font file.            (CC
format.seq       5120  07-09-91  An ASCII file describing the complete
                                 geoPaint data file format.                (CC
gbnotes.prg      9216  01-27-91  Technical notes on geoBASIC.              (CC
geneol1.sda     17536  08-25-91  5 geoWrite documents about geneology.     (CC
geobbugs.seq     9216  06-08-91  geoWrite 2.1 document explaining the 6 known
                                 bugs in geoBASIC.                         (CC
geocab2.seq      1152  04-16-90  A revision of the original file.  Information
                                 on how to create your own geoCable.       (CC
geomstg.seq     10368  08-25-92  A thread of forum messages discussing the
                                 Geos 128 80 column mouse pointer.
happy.prg        2048  09-16-92  Happy - requires Dwinelle font geoWrite doc
head.seq         4096  11-07-91  A geoCalc file that computes feet of head
                                 loss for water flowing through pipes to
                                 valves.                                   (CC
infrared.seq    11264  11-07-91  A geoFile database of 30 infra-red spectra of
                                 small molecule gasses.                    (CC
lawhorn.seq     10240  02-25-91  Roger Lawhorn discusses his programming in
                                 Geos, including GeoLabel, geoPrint, and
                                 geoSIDPlayer, and SuperBox2.0.  A geoWrite
                                 file.  Requires LW_CAL font.              (CC
leaf91-1.prg    12416  07-21-91  A geoCalc file of the 1991 LEAF Series #1
                                 baseball cards.  Cards #1-264 + BC1-BC12. (CC
lettingo.prg     2048  09-16-92  Letting Go- Requires Roma font. geoWrite doc
lotto653.prg    13440  11-07-91  A geoCalc file that takes 8 numbers and
                                 combines them into combinations of 6 for
                                 LOTTO.                                    (CC
murphy.prg       2176  09-16-92  Murphy's Law - Requires Dwinelle font
                                 geoWrite doc
nx1020rv.sda    12288  05-11-91  A review of the Star NX1020 Rainbow colour
                                 printer.  Includes a photo album of a scanned
                                 picture of the printer.                    CC
orbitmp.prg      3072  08-31-92  Source code to MERGE a graphic onto the
                                 current screen.
pg01-11.arc      9472  07-25-88  Part 1 of 7.  A Geos reference manual      AB
pg12-25.arc     10496  07-25-88  Part 2 of 7.  A Geos reference manual      AB
pg26-38.arc     11008  07-25-88  Part 3 of 7.  A Geos reference manual      AB
pg39-53.arc     11264  07-25-88  Part 4 of 7.  A Geos reference manual      AB
pg54-65.arc      9984  07-25-88  Part 5 of 7.  A Geos reference manual      AB
pg66-76.arc     11520  07-25-88  Part 6 of 7.  A Geos reference manual      AB
pg77-89.arc     14848  07-25-88  Part 7 of 7.  A Geos reference manual      AB
pscrcltx.cvt     2492  11-14-95  Geowrite document that shows how to draw a
                                 circle in postscript.
                                 Uploaded by: Commodore Chairman
psscript.cvt     2780  11-14-95  Geowrite document with tips on using
                                 postscript in Geowrite. Use convert 2.5 to
                                 change to Geos format.
                                 Uploaded by: Commodore Chairman
ramlnkrv.prg    17536  05-11-91  A review of the Ramlink by gamma tester Joe
                                 Collin.                                    CC
routines.prg     7168  08-31-92  A Text Album of 15 routines for programmers.
                                 Some of these were only available under Apple
runda.seq       11264  07-09-91  A geoWrite 2.1 source file with code to
                                 access up to eight desk accessories from
                                 custom GEOS applications.                 (CC
selfmod.seq      6144  07-09-91  A geoWrite 2.1 souce file for a small
                                 AUTO_EXEC program which demonstrates a method
                                 to write self-modifying GOES programs.    (CC
trian.seq        3072  11-07-91  A geoCalc file that computes triangles from 3
                                 sides.                                    (CC