Creative Micro Designs

adddrive.prg     7168  01-01-92  HD ADD SCSI DRIVE V2.00 works on BOTH the C64
                                 and C128.  Used for adding on SCSI drives to
                                 an existing HD system.  NEW: You may now
                                 REMOVE a drive from the HD system.
cmdprog.sfx     11264  02-21-93  text file on programming for the CMD series
                                 of hard drives. Mostly concentrates on how to
                                 make your programs compatible with the
                                 drives, even if you don't have a hard drive
                                 to check the programs on.
dskcrk.sfx       9216  09-30-91  A modified version of a disk editor written
                                 by Mike J. Henry to support partitions on
                                 CMD's hard drives.  Modified by CMD
                                 Works on the 1541 and 1571.               (CC
find2.prg        1024  01-01-92  C64/128 40/80 column.  Search the root
                                 directory of ALL partitions for files that
                                 match the user's input.  Works on all CMD
                                 devices.                                  (CC
fixblock.prg    11264  01-01-92  HD FIX BLOCKS V2.00 for BOTH the C64 and
                                 C128.   Locates and repairs media defects on
                                 the CMD HD.   NEW: You may now select the
                                 SYSTEM partition.  Performs the media
                                 validation on the entire drive.           (CC
gwdevpak.sda    14336  01-01-92  5 files for programming Gateway documents.
                                 Includes sybol file, Gateway font, and source
                                 for the ScrapPeek program which is included
                                 with Gateway.  Requires Gateway and
                                 geoProgrammer.                            (CC
hddirsrt.prg     3072  01-01-92  Alphabetically sorts any type of directory on
                                 the CMD HD including Native Mode
                                 subdirectories.  100% BASIC.              (CC
hdtree.prg       4864  01-16-92  HD TREE 128 V1.42 is twice as fast as V1.4
                                 for the C128.  Prints or displays a partition
                                 directory, subdirectory, ans subpartition.
                                 CMD HD only.
llformat.prg     6144  01-01-92  LLFORMAT V2.00 for BOTH the C64 and C128.
                                 This version doesn't require a valid HD
                                 system configureation block in the system
                                 area.  A low-level formatter for SCSI hard
                                 drives that are attached to a CMD HD.     (CC
parti.arc       12288  07-08-91  An enhancement of the partition info program
                                 that comes with the CMD HD.  It allows you to
                                 sort the partitions by starting block, size,
                                 #, name and type.                         (CC
polldevs.prg     1024  01-01-92  A BASIC program that will tell you what
                                 drives are attached to your system.
                                 Supports: 1541/71/81, CMD HDs, RamLink & PPI
                                 RAMDrive.  Doesn't work properly if you have
                                 a Super Graphix Gold printer interface
qckmv128.prg     8192  01-01-92  Quickmove 128 V1.4 copies files from one
                                 partition to another on the CMD HD with Geos
                                 128 V2.0.
qckmv64.prg      8192  01-01-92  Quickmove 64 V1.4 copies files from one
                                 partition to another on the CMD HD with Geos
                                 64 V2.0.
rd-rdged.sfx    11264  02-10-92  PETSCII documentation to RL-RDGEO.SFX which
                                 allows RAMLink and RAMDrive users to use the
                                 standard Geos 64/128 2.0.
readdir.prg      1024  01-01-92  BASIC program that demonstrates how to
                                 display a directory from within another
                                 program.  Allows you to select the device
                                 number, drive/partition, and a pattern match.
                                  Also views the time and date stamps on CBM
                                 HD harddrives.
rl-rdgeo.sfx    43136  02-10-92  Allows RAMLink and RAMDrive users to use the
                                 standard Geos 64 2.0 or Geos 128 2.0.
                                 Depending on the amount of RAM you have, it
                                 supports the RAM 1541, RAM 1571, and RAM
                                 1581.  Compatable with applications which
                                 require an REU!  Docs in geoWrite format are