C64 - Music Utilities

 ARCed files (.ARC) can be uncompacted using ARC250.SDA (DIR 7)
 LYNXed files (.LNX) can be extracted using LYNX15. (DIR 7)

digi31.sda      28672  01-15-91  DIGIPLAYER V3.1.  The latest DigiPlayer by
                                 Mark Dickenson that now supports
                                 the 1700/64/50!  Converts Amiga, Atari ST,
                                 Digitalker128, and Mac (improved) digitized
                                 files to C64 .RAW files!  With a 1750 REU,
                                 you can convert a 900K Amiga IFF file to C64
                                 RAW!  Allows you to load different C64 RAW
                                 files into the different banks of the REU,
                                 and play them in any order.  It is now menu
                                 driven, and the SPEED of playback is much
                                 improved allowing speeds of up to 25K/second.
                                 Allows you to convert single octave Amiga
                                 instrument files into a form that can be used
                                 by The Stereo System. THIS FILE IS SHAREWARE,
                                 SO PLEASE SEND IN YOUR DONATION, OR WE MAY
                                 LOOSE ANOTHER GREAT C64/128 PROGRAMMER! (read
                                 docs).                                    (CC
digip2.sda       8192  04-17-90  Digiplay 2.sda is an archive of the latest
                                 Digiplayer (.RAW file player).            (CC
digitize.prg     3072  11-12-90  Lets you digitize music from your Datasette.
hp-demo.prg      7168  01-27-91  A demo of the HP software digitizer.      (CC
jukebox.c        4864  01-28-90  A JUKEBOX program.                        (CR
magic.c64       12288  01-28-90  Magic sid machine plays sid.mus files     (CR
mcplex.bin      16128  11-05-88  Powerful sound and music editor
mcplex.prg      16384  05-01-91  A sound and music editor that supports all
                                 thre voices, two synthesizer panels, record,
                                 playback, temp, etc...                    (CC
midicz.sda      21632  03-18-91  Craig Chamberlain's original 3-voice
                                 MIDIplayer customized for Casio's CZ series
                                 MIDI synthesizers.                        (CC
mterm40.arc     18560  12-20-91  Miditerm 4.0+ is a generic midi librarian w/
                                 42k buffer, programmable F/keys docs inc.
                                 Very useful.                              (HA
mtkeys.sda      27008  12-20-91  This file contains templates for F/keys in
                                 Miditerm 4.0+. Supports many new synths.  (HA
rockmon3.prg    26624  02-12-91  A music editor that has an excellent demo
                                 song included.                            (CC
salmaker.prg     3072  11-08-89  Used to combine .MUS and .WDS files into one
                                 for uploading.                            (CC
sid              1408  03-26-89  Second file to SIDCON
sid-edtr.arc    19072  08-12-88  Make your own SID songs.                  (AB
sid-mlty.arc     4864  08-12-88  Plays SID after SID.  You select.         (AB
sid-prin         3072  03-28-90  Prints out .WDS files.                    (CC
sidcon           6528  03-26-89  Convert SID songs to SYS 30120s.          (AB
sidliste.prg     6144  11-08-89  Prints out all the settings and the notes to
                                 the screen or to the printer.             (CC
sidorgan.prg    11264  11-28-89  An organizer for all your SID files.      (CC
sidplay.sda     38656  02-03-90  SIDPLAYER FOR .MUS FILES                  (CR
sidplaye        20480  08-25-89  Version 7 of SIDPLAYER.                   (AB
sidst1.arc      48128  11-06-90  Part one of Stereo Sid Editor.  Needs file
                                 SIDST1.ARC                                (CC
sidst2.arc      57472  11-06-90  Part two of Stereo Sid.  Needs file
sidtitle.sda    19968  01-24-89  SidTitle Editor V6.0. C/G for SID!        PCC
spr-sid.arc      8704  08-12-88  A fast-loading SID player, for 1541.      (AB
ster10_3.sda    31744  06-06-90  Version 10.3a of the stereo .SID player.  (CC
stereo_s         1024  03-28-90  Tests your new stereo SID chip.           (CC
systosid.prg     1024  11-08-89  Converts SYS30120 songs that were created
                                 using SID to 30120 (NOT Master Composer
                                 files) back to SID PLAYER songs (.MUS files).