C64 - Graphics Utilities

 ARCed files (.ARC) can be uncompacted using ARC250.SDA (DIR 7).
 LYNXed files (.LNX) can be extracted using LYNX15. (DIR 7)

adocpmou.prg     4096  05-02-90  Modifies your Art Studio disk to enable use
                                 of the 1351 mouse in proportional mode.    CC
aimintro.prg    39936  02-18-91  A.I.M. INTRO V2 is an intro maker.  Allows
                                 three horizontal scrolling lines on the
                                 bottom of the screen, and moving sprites on
                                 the rest of the screen (upper half).       CC
autograp.sda    19584  09-30-90  A graphic display/convert system.
                                 Supports Koala, RUN Paint, OCP, Adv OCP,
                                 Artist 64, Blazing Paddles, Sid/Pic.
                                 Supports high, and low res, along with
                                 compressed files.                          CC
blkmagic.lnx    48128  09-29-89  Graphic utility (PRG file).                DC
cad.arc         61440  09-29-89  CAD program.                              (DC
cad401.sfx      32768  01-13-91  A Computer Aided Design package.  V4.0. FILES
                                 NEEDED: CAD402.SFX, CAD403.SFX, CAD4DOC.SEQ.
                                 requires a joystick.                       CC
cad402.sfx      31744  01-13-91  A Computer Aided Design package.  V4.0. FILES
                                 NEEDED: CAD401.SFX, CAD403.SFX, CAD4DOC.SEQ.
cad403.sfx      25600  01-13-91  A Computer Aided Design package.  V4.0. FILES
                                 NEEDED: CAD401.SFX, CAD402.SFX, CAD40DOC.
cad40doc.seq    16384  01-13-91  A Computer Aided Design package.  This is the
                                 documentation to the following files:
                                 CAD401.SFX, CAD402.SFX, AND CAD403.SFX.
cadgeo.sda      21504  01-13-91  Allows you to use Geos fonts with CAD 4.0.
                                 Replace the following files from the CAD disk
                                 with the ones in this file: boot, syspkgii,
                                 syspkgiii.  ADD these two files to the boot
                                 disk: jjhH, and H.
crunpr.prg       4096  07-21-91  A HI-RES Crunch/Uncrunch/Print utility for
                                 viewing Koala and Doodle files in standard,
                                 or crunched form.  Will print in greyscale to
                                 a Gemini 10X printer.                     (CC
cslide1.prg      2048  04-23-91  The first version of CSLIDE in BASIC 2.0!  CC
dcs-styl.prg    12288  10-13-91  The Dendrite Construction Set.            (CC
digiplay.sda     7552  01-28-90  Convert AMIGA, MAC, ST digitized music.   (CR
disklbl.sfx      6144  05-17-93  Lets you print disk directories on labels,
                                 with several different print size options.
dual-fli.vwr     2048  01-22-93  Use to view 32 color fli pictures. C64.
dualfli.ed      13312  01-22-93  Fli Editor that lets you produce 32 color
                                 version fli pictures. C64
epson4.prg       4096  01-13-91  A replacement SYSPKG for CAD 4.0 that will
                                 enable it to use EPSON compatable printers.
                                 See EPSON4D.SEQ for more information
epson4d.seq      1024  01-13-91  Information on EPSON4.PRG
fgm6demo.sda    50176  04-01-91  The FUN GRAPHICS MACHINE is an excellent hi-
                                 res program.  To name just a FEW of its
                                 features, hi-res graphics screens can be
                                 LINKED, stretching, text with margins,
                                 wodwrap, bold and italics, imports PrintShop
                                 graphics etc.  This is a DEMO, but still has
                                 a great number of features.  Includes a
                                 'demo' of what this program can do.  See
                                 file FGM6DOCS.SDA for instructions.
fgm6docs.sda    28800  04-01-91  Docs to FGM6DEMO.SDA
fgmstuff.txt      702  01-01-96  Text file describing fgmstuff.zip, upgrades
                                 to fun graphics machine.
                                 Uploaded by: Commodore Chairman
fgmstuff.zip   522188  01-01-96  Upgrades to Fun Graphics Machine in pkzip
                                 version 1 format. See FGMSTUFF.TXT for
                                 Files: 26  Oldest: 11/4/93  Newest: 12/1/95
                                 Uploaded by: Commodore Chairman
flicnvrt.2       3072  01-22-93  Converts any ?pic? and gg pictures to fli
                                 format. Will only handle up to 75 files
                                 in a directory
fliconv.prg      1024  01-22-93  converts files from the earlier FLI editor
                                 to Fli-graph 2.2 format. C64
fliedv22.prg     8192  01-22-93  Fli-graph version 2.2. A FLi picture editor.
flimastr         2048  01-22-93  Fli-Master is a menu driven fli viewer. C64
fliviewr.prg     3072  01-22-93  Lets you view any 68 block fli picture. C64
frcmst.sda      19456  09-30-91  FracMaster is an easy but powerful Fractal
                                 graphics program for playing with Mandlebrot
                                 and Julia sets.                           (CC
gas64.prg       26624  05-29-92  The Graphic Assult System.  An excellent
                                 utility for graphics.  Program allows
                                 you to compress hi-res/multicolour pics
                                 magnify etc...                            (CC
gdumpa.prg       1024  02-04-92  Instructions to GDUMPB.PRG.  Load and RUN.
gdumpb.prg       3072  02-04-92  Dumps Koala picture to an EPSON comptable
giffy_v.prg      5120  04-09-90  A new, fast GIFFY file viewer.            (CC
gifreu.arc       5120  07-21-91  A modified version of GIFFY that reads either
                                 PRG or SEQ GIFS from drive 9, which can be
                                 either a disk drive, or RAMDOS!  Will speed
                                 up the reading of GIFs by around 30%      (CC
gifvert.sda      7168  11-29-90  Converts GG files to .GIF.  Runs on the C64,
                                 but uses 2 mhz mode if running on C128 in 64
                                 mode.                                     (CC
gpviewer.sda    17408  01-24-92  View a geoPaint picture that is in Geos, or
                                 CONVERT format in a 320 X 200 window.  Lets
                                 you scroll around the picture, save the
                                 current screen, or print the entire picture.
                                 Supports the MPS801 and EPSON printers.  If
                                 used with a REU, the whole picture is loaded
                                 in at once for quicker scrolling.         (CC
grabbers.sda    22528  02-02-90  A self dissolving ARC.  Contains: bitmap
                                 grabber, sprite grabber, sprite to high res,
                                 text grabber, and docs.  These allow you to
                                 capture high res pics etc and save them.  (CC
graphaid.arc    11264  07-04-94  Graphic Aid program that lets you convert
                                 between different formats.
                                 Uploaded by: Commodore Chairman
graphaid.sfx    10368  02-11-95  Graphic Aid lets you convert from printshop,
                                 koala, and doodle to the other formats. Also
                                 has a koala cruncher, etc. C64, load and run
                                 to dissolve.
                                 Uploaded by: Commodore Chairman
koal_run.prg     2048  05-02-90  Renames your KoalaPaint or RunPaint file to
                                 work on the opposite.                     (CC
letarc.arc      58496  09-30-91  Lettermaker V is a powerful editor used to
                                 creat your own load & run animated messages
                                 with fonts, music etc.                    (CC
messagem.sda    13312  09-30-91  Message Maker is an editor that allows you to
                                 make messages using a large font.  Good for
                                 making home video titles.                 (CC
mob.sda         34816  05-29-92  An excellent sprite editor that supports
                                 the 1351 mouse                            (CC
mousep10         1024  05-02-90  Adds 1351 mouse support for V1.0 of
                                 KoalaPaint but has wrap around.           (CC
mousep11.prg     1024  05-02-90  Adds 1351 mouse support for V1.0 of
                                 KoalaPaint.                               (CC
mousep21.prg     1024  05-02-90  Adds 1351 mouse support for V1.2 of
                                 KoalaPaint.                               (CC
pixelp.sda      24576  09-26-89  Pixelpacker will convert 24 different
                                 graphics formats to either JJ or GG files. AB
poster.sda      13312  12-10-91  Prints Doodle or RunPaint pictures as large
                                 posters on the MPS 802, 1526 or 4023.     (CC
psconver.sda    10752  07-24-88  Convert PS side a to b to a
psdump.sda       6656  07-24-88  Dump graphics from PS disk to printe
psdump2.prg      3072  09-30-90  Version 2 of Paint Shop dump program.     (CC
pslabel          3072  01-28-90  makes label with print shop grahpics      (CR
pslabel.sda     14080  07-24-88  3 Print Shop label printing files.
pspmcvrt.prg     5120  11-29-90  Convert PrintShop pics to Print Master, and
                                 vice versa.                               (CC
reushow.arc      6144  03-28-90  A picture viewer for the 1764 or 1750.  Loads
                                 in all the pictures into the REU, and then
                                 displays them.                            (CC
rleview.sfx     13312  05-12-90  RLE viewer and a few RLE pics             (DJ
rnpaintf.prg     2048  05-02-90  Allows you to use port 1 or 2 in RunPaint 64.
scroll.sda      16384  07-08-91  Produces a vertical scroll of text, like in
                                 the movies, but is very slow.             (CC
seditor.prg     18432  09-30-91  Dale's ML Sprite Editor.                  (CC
simman.arc      71680  10-30-91  A Mandelbrot Set exploration system.
                                 Magnification of up to 18,000,000 with
                                 automatic or manual colourization.
                                 Iterations up to 2,500.  Graphic analysis of
                                 data points and incomplete sets can be saved
                                 and continued later.  Requires 2 disks and
                                 Simon's Basic.                            (CC
slides.sda      17536  09-29-89  Slide show maker/viewer.                  (DC
sm-vs-co.prg     1024  05-12-91  The source code, ML program, BASIC loader,
                                 and a sample doodle picture to show a smooth
                                 scroll of a hi-res screen.                (CC
spectrum.sfx    30674  07-13-93  Spectrum is a graphics tool that will help
                                 you design graphics for your BASIC programs.
                                 Included are 2 hi-res editors, 2 sprite
                                 editors, a low-res editor, and some
                                 utilities.                                (AB
spirog.prg       9216  09-30-91  Spirographi is used for drawing hi-res
                                 'spirograph' images.                      (CC
srfmaker.prg     7296  01-22-93  Converts an 68 or 69 block fli picture to
                                 a srf (self running fli) stand alone prg.
toogif.prg      12288  07-13-93  Converts Doodle (JJ/DD), Koala (?PIC/GG),
                                 Advanced Art Studio, RLE and geoPaint (in
                                 non Geos format - CONVERTed) to either
                                 interlaced or non-interlaced GIF for
                                 320x200x16 pictures.                      (AB
typset.arc      21504  09-29-89  Typeset stuff for CAD.ARC                 (DC
vgif64.arc      17280  11-27-90  GIF graphic viewer                        (TF