C64 - Games

 ARCed files (.ARC) can be uncompacted using ARC250.SDA (DIR 7).
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acqui1.sda      34816  03-18-91  A C64 game based on the financial board game
                                 Acquire by Avalon Hill.  LOAD "ACQUIRE",8,1
                                 for normal load with tutorial option, and
                                 LOAD "J",8,1 for fastload regular game.
                                 FILES NEEDED: ACQUI2.SDA ACQUI3.SDA
                                               ACQUIRE.SEQ                 (CC
acqui2.sda      51200  03-18-91  Part 2 of ACQUIRE
                                 FILES NEEDED: ACQUI1.SDA ACQUI3.SDA
                                               ACQUIRE.SEQ                 (CC
acqui3.sda      14336  03-18-91  Part 3 of ACQUIRE
                                 FILES NEEDED: ACQUI1.SDA ACQUI2.SDA
                                               ACQUIRE.SEQ                 (CC
acquir.seq       1152  03-18-91  Part 3 of ACQUIRE
                                 FILES NEEDED: ACQUI1.SDA ACQUI2.SDA
                                               ACQUI3.SDA                  (CC
adventur.arc    48768  07-24-88  C64 compiled adventure with basic source
afo.prg         13312  01-04-91  An Action game from the Commodore Public
                                 Domain Series.                            (CC
ank.ark         68608  08-24-88  Anksetan Text adventure use ARC 2.30+     (GB
arkanoid.prg    35840  03-10-90  Arkanoid II...just like arcade game...    (CR
arrow.prg        8192  01-04-91  Guide the arrow to hit the targets.  From the
                                 Commodore Public Domain Series.           (CC
atarigm.prg     10240  01-04-91  A C64 version of an old Atari game.  From the
                                 Commodore Public Domain Series.           (CC
backgamm.sfx    19584  05-07-94  Backgammon game for the C64. Load and run to
                                 Uploaded by: Commodore Chairman
barbar.001       3712  03-13-90  Barbarians game 1 of 2                    (DJ
barbar.002      42112  03-13-90  Barbarians game 2 of 2
bardtal.seq     16384  07-08-91  A guide to Bards Tale I.  PETSCII         (CC
battle64.arc    18816  12-29-88  Battleship over the modem **excellent**
batv47.prg      14592  02-29-92  Modem Battleship v4.7. Bugs fixed from v4.6.
bayst.64        10752  01-26-90  A stock market type game for the 64.
bbomb.prg        5504  05-24-94  a fair war game
                                 Uploaded by: Tpug Sysop
bjak21.prg       9216  03-18-91  A C64 blackjack game.  Uses PETSCII graphics.
bld3            15360  03-10-90  Boulder Dash Game III                     (CR
blkbox.lbr      11264  11-01-89  Black Box game.                           (CC
blkjack.prg     24704  09-30-91  Teaches you how to play Blackjack.        (CC
blthun.prg      31744  08-23-88  Blue Thunder Helicopter Sim. Game.        (GB
bluethun        30848  02-11-90  A helicopter arcade game.                 (CR
bomb-sqd         8448  11-14-95  find the bomb in a million room hotel. C64
                                 Uploaded by: Commodore Chairman
btl-stn.sda     32128  11-14-95  You are at the controls of an anti-aircraft
                                 gun. load and run to dissolve. C64
                                 Uploaded by: Commodore Chairman
buggy.prg       10240  01-04-91  In Buggy Madness, you myst attemp to get from
                                 NY to California in four days.  Car game. (CC
bugsy           47104  04-01-90  An adventure game involving a rabbit      (CR
cavern.prg      37888  09-30-91  Caverns of Kafnar is an all-text adventure
                                 game.                                     (CC
convert.prg      2048  08-24-88  Covert prg for Cosmic. run once.          (GB
cosspi.prg      20480  08-24-88  Spy & Battle Adventure Game.              (GB
creature.prv    36864  05-07-94  creatures game preview. C64
                                 Uploaded by: Commodore Chairman
cribbage.arc    13312  09-01-88  C64 file of the classic game. prg.
cyclon.prg      12288  08-23-88  Cyclon. An Arcade Game.                   (GB
cyclone.prg     12288  01-04-91  A graphic game.                           (CC
d1.bin          11264  08-24-88  Dungeon Realm. Adv. Part 1.               (GB
d2.bin          10240  08-24-88  Dungeon Realm. Adv. Part 2.
d3.bin          11264  08-24-88  Dungeon Realm. Adv. Part 3.
d4.bin          28672  08-24-88  Dungeon Realm. Adv. Part 4.
dambust.prg     13312  01-04-91  Try to destroy a dam while it shoots at you.
                                 From the Commodore Public Domain Series.
defint.doc       1024  08-23-88  Defcon Battle instructions.               (GB
demodrby.arc     2560  06-17-89  Demolition derby. Design your car and go!
demon.prg       52224  08-23-88  Demon Stalker DEMO Level 1 only.          (GB
demon.txt        2048  08-23-88  Docs on Demon Stalker Demo.
dingbad.ark     26624  08-24-88  Real Estate Adventure.                    (GB
dragon.128      14336  04-19-93  Arcade game loosely based on the novel
                                 "the Dragonriders of Pern". A .sfx file, load
                                 and run to dissolve                       (CC
draughts.sfx    18432  05-07-94  Checkers game for the C64. Load & run to
dungboot.prg     1024  08-24-88  Dungeon Realm Loader. Adventure Game.     (GB
dungqst.prg      7168  05-26-91  A simple dungeon adventure game.           CC
dunkspl.prg     10240  05-26-91  Use the joystick to dunk Splasho the clown,
                                 then rescue him from the water.            CC
dynamoid.prv    28672  05-12-94  A little game demo, that is a variation
                                 of pong. C64
                                 Uploaded by: Commodore Chairman
eagleg.prg      49152  07-27-92  Laser Eagle V2.0.  Shoot the ships that are
                                 shooting at you to avoid getting shot down.
elizasam.prg     7168  01-04-91  A talking version of Eliza (the psychology
                                 program).  Uses SAM and RECITER.          (CC
empdemo.prv     25600  05-07-94  Empire preview demo. C64
                                 Uploaded by: Commodore Chairman
facemakr.sfx     9216  07-24-93  Program that lets your kids mix and match to
                                 create faces. Load and run to dissolve.   (CC
farrag.prg      22528  08-24-88  Faragut's Fortune Adventure.              (GB
fighterj.arc     7168  05-11-92  C64 jet fighter game.  A 3-d view from your
                                 plane.                                    (CC
galac128.v7     14336  04-19-93  Conquer the universe game. .sfx file, load
                                 and run to dissolve.                      (CC
galaxian.arc     8192  01-07-93  A Galaxian game.
gianasst        40448  04-01-90  A Mario Brothers ripoff                   (CR
gridlock.prg     4096  01-04-91  Try to get your man to the other end of the
                                 grid without getting hit by your enemies.
                                 100% ML program.                          (CC
groundwr.prg    18944  07-13-93  A war game.  Load ,8,1.  To the best of my
                                 knowledge, this is a public domain program.
gunsh1.sda      40960  08-23-88  Gunship by Microprose DEMO Part 1.        (GB
gunsh2.sda      28672  08-23-88  Gunship by Microprose DEMO. Part 2.       (GB
gunsh3.sda      38912  08-23-88  Gunship by Microprose DEMO. Part 3.       (GB
gunshp.doc       3072  08-23-88  Commands for Gunship Demo.                (GB
gunshp.hlp       2048  08-23-88  How to use Gunship Demo.                  (GB
hamm.c64         2560  02-03-90  You run a city                            (CR
hant.prg        15360  08-23-88  Haunded Hills Adventure Game.
hellto.sda      32768  08-23-88  Hell Fire. Text Adventure.                (GB
hercules        42880  02-03-90  You are hercules and fight a lot          (CR
horserc.prg      6272  01-04-91  A horse racing game.  You start with $500,
                                 to place your bets.                       (CC
hover.prg        5504  05-24-94  .........
                                 Uploaded by: Tpug Sysop
jaws             2944  11-14-95  Help your little goldfish collect air
                                 bubbles before he ends up floating at the
                                 top of the bowl.
                                 Uploaded by: Commodore Chairman
jukebox.sda     29696  09-30-91  A game created with the Pinball Construction
                                 Set, but doesn't need the Pinball
                                 Construction Set to play it.  A one-player
                                 game in port 1.                           (CC
karate.djo       8448  09-01-88  C64 video game. fairly good prg.
kookybj          6784  11-14-95  pretty standard blackjack game, with quirky
                                 comments. C64
                                 Uploaded by: Commodore Chairman
krackout        50176  09-11-88  A variation of Breakout.
lander.ark      37888  08-23-88  Moon Lander Arcade Game. ARC 2.30.        (GB
lander.doc      18432  08-23-88  Moon Lander Arcade Game docs.
landview.arc     7680  02-03-90  LANDVIEW MURDER MYSTERY GAME              (CR
lavapit.cbm      9728  02-03-90  LIKE JOUST                                (CR
leagle2.prg     49152  09-30-91  Laser Eagle V2.0 is a fast action shoot em up
                                 game.  Port2.  LOAD ,8,1                  (CC
lemmings.prv    25600  05-12-94  preview of the game "Lemmings" for the 64
lght-cyc.sda    15104  11-14-95  pretty good light cycle game a la Tron. load
                                 and run to dissolve. C64
                                 Uploaded by: Commodore Chairman
magicmad.prg    46080  08-23-93  Magic Madness game for the 64. Run around
                                 zapping your enemies, and picking up extra
                                 spells.                                   (CC
mah-jong        24576  12-11-91  A very good version of Mah-Jong!  Needs
                                 MJ-INTRO.                                 (HA
mathquiz         1920  03-31-90  Good for young kids                       (CR
mcheck64.prg    24704  04-06-92  Modem Checkers. Uses mouse or joystick    (CC
medusa.prg      22528  08-23-88  Medusa the Snake. Text Adventure.         (GB
menage.ark      26624  08-23-88  Who took your clothes text adv. ARC2.30   (GB
mj-intro         2816  12-11-91  Loader for MAH-JONG                       (HA
monopoly        24704  07-18-89  Bored?  Try playing a game of Monopoly with
                                 your C64.                                 (AB
murder.arc      64512  01-07-93  All text adventure game where you must solve
                                 a murder and save your own life. C64
nightmar.prg    20480  03-18-91  A C64/128-40col text adventure game.  Find
                                 the hidden treasures in an old theater and
                                 escape alive.  BASIC.                     (CC
odin             6144  06-15-93  Shoot-em up space arcade game for the
                                 64. Quite tricky!                         (JD
olympiad.prg     5120  07-13-93  A two player game where you must defeat the
                                 other player's knight on a grid. C64      (AB
oneonone.prg    10240  08-24-88  Card Game with a Twist.                   (GB
pball34a.sda    33792  07-24-93  Disk of pinball games. File 1 of 4. load and
                                 run to dissolve.                          (CC
pball34b.sda    31744  07-24-93  file 2 of 4. Load and run to dissolve.
pball34c.sda    31872  07-24-93  file 3 of 4. load and run to dissolve.
pball34d.sda    33792  07-24-93  file 4 of 4. load and run to dissolve.
pegsus.doc       5120  08-23-88  Docs for H.M.S Pegasus Demo.              (GB
pegsus.prg      47104  08-23-88  H.M.S. Pegasus Demo program.
percent.fil      8704  07-24-88  C-64 EDUCATIONAL GAME (MATH)
pfnorton.arc    36864  11-08-92  text adventure mystery that takes place in a
pongdemo.prg    18560  05-12-94  Demo program that lets you play the
                                 old "Pong" game
                                 Uploaded by: Commodore Chairman
prime.ark       21504  08-24-88  Prime Detective text adventure.           (GB
ptty-pgn.sda    23424  11-14-95  Fly your pigeon around bombing cars with what
                                 comes naturally. load and run to dissolve.
                                 Uploaded by: Commodore Chairman
puzzlmkr.sfx    17408  12-30-92  A word-search puzzle maker for the 64. Lets
                                 you make your own word lists, print out the
                                 puzzle, and solution, etc. Load and run to
                                 dissolve.                                 (CC
qix.prg          9216  03-10-90  Older arcade game...keeps you on your toes(CR
raiders.c64      5760  02-03-90  An action packed space game. HARD!        (CR
rampage         50688  02-03-90  just like the arcade                      (CR
rebell2.prg     35840  05-26-91  A graphic adventure for 1-8 players sort of
                                 like Defender of the Crown.                CC
rebellv2.prg    35840  11-29-89  A Risk-type game for one to eight players
                                 where you try to take over your opponents'
                                 villages.                                 (CC
redst1.sda      35840  08-23-88  Red Storm Rising Demo. Part 1.            (GB
redst2.sda      38912  08-23-88  Red Storm Rising Demo. Part 2.
redstm.doc       2048  08-23-88  Doc on Microprose Red Storm Rising Demo
roach.prg       23552  08-25-92  Game of Roach.  You're a cockroach and you
                                 explore the pantry in search of food.  Watch
                                 out for the flyswatters!
robadv.prg      13312  08-24-88  Robot adventure text game.                (GB
robber.prg      14336  01-04-91  Cops & Robbers.  You're the robber, trying to
                                 get the diamonds and escape.  A good graphic
                                 game!                                     (CC
rockfall.arc    71680  04-07-94  A game like BOULDERDASH. It has an editor to
                                 create your own screens, and plays music in
                                 stereo if you have a second SID connected.
                                 This game was made by Mark A. Dickenson and
                                 is shareware.                              HS
rocksci.prg     10240  05-26-91  A different format of the famous kids game
                                 ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS with different speeds.
                                 Uses spirtes.                              CC
rotate!          4480  04-28-90  GAME _ LIKE TETRIS                        (CR
sampoker.prg     7168  01-04-91  Play poker with SAM as your dealer.  SAM
                                 requirrd.                                 (CC
shrapids.prg     2048  07-05-92  BASIC game.  You're going down rapids, and
                                 you cannot hit the sides.
skaterck        47232  03-14-90  SKATEROCK - PD skateboard simulation...   (CR
sktrckbt          256  03-14-90  Boot for Skate Rock game...               (CR
slotcars.fil    42368  07-25-88  Slot Car Game
slotpok.er      50688  11-14-95  C64 version of video poker.
                                 Uploaded by: Commodore Chairman
smurfin.sfx     16384  01-04-91  A smurf game.  Use Joystick in Port 2.    (CC
sndsamp5.sda    10240  08-23-93  C64 demo with 6 tunes. load and run to
                                 dissolve.                                 (CC
spacehk           384  03-11-90  High-res shoot-em-up with great sound     (CR
spceraid.sda    19328  11-14-95  Space style dodge'em and shoot'em. C64. Load
                                 and run to dissolve.
                                 Uploaded by: Commodore Chairman
spdtrak.prg     49152  10-24-89  A race car game.                          (AB
ssub.prg        18432  08-23-88  Sub Battle Game for C-64.
starfrnt.sda    29696  07-05-92  Galactic-Empire type game.
startg.arc      34816  12-10-91  Star Trek game by David Neale.  Great!    (CC
stomp.sda        6656  11-14-95  Can you manouver your cockroach to avoid the
                                 stomping boots? load and run to dissolve. C64
                                 Uploaded by: Commodore Chairman
stuntri.c64     14464  02-03-90  Fair game.Five screens.                   (CR
subway.prg      15360  08-23-88  Survive the Subway. Adventure Game.       (GB
supertrk.prg    22528  09-16-92  Another Star Trek game.
surfcity.arc    13312  05-29-92  A surfing game.  Don't run into any
                                 sharks!                                   (CC
surgad.prg      23552  08-24-88  Be A Surgeon Txt Adventure.               (GB
survie.doc       1024  08-23-88  Life Simulation Docs.                     (GB
survie.sda      21504  08-23-88  Life Simulation for the C-64.             (GB
surviv.prg      15360  08-24-88  Wilderniss Survival Txt Adventure.        (GB
targ.sda         5120  12-09-92  A very simple, but addictive game. You dodge
                                 and try to shoot enemies through a maze of
                                 blocks. Load and run to dissolve.
teleches.sda    14464  01-28-90  Great program! Play chess over modems!    (CR
termcity.prg    33792  05-29-92  A game with an EXCELLENT introduction
                                 that I downloaded from England.           (CC
tetrix.prg      10240  09-30-90  A C64 game like Tetris.                   (CC
thecat.sda      20480  08-23-88  Mistery Murder Adventure.                 (GB
time            41984  09-01-88  Time crystal. demo of new release.
titan.lnx       75392  03-24-90  Good game whith bouncing spheres          (CR
town.prg        32768  09-30-91  Helltown adventure game.                  (CC
trektriv.iii     7168  09-11-88  Star trek trivia questions. next gen
turbodth.prg    32768  08-23-93  C64 racing game. Fire to shift gears, forward
                                 and backward to change speed.             (CC
vegas.arc       19584  02-03-90  VEGAS GAMES...                            (CR
wallbust.er     11264  10-01-88  Game that is like breakout
war.sda         49280  02-11-95  The classic shoot-em-up where two players
                                 take turns aiming at the other guy. Comes
                                 with over 100 different layouts. C64, load
                                 and run to dissolve.
                                 Uploaded by: Commodore Chairman
wargames.sfx     9216  05-17-93  A text-based conquer the world game. Deploy
                                 armies, tanks, missles, fighters, against
                                 other countries, and try to conquer them. (CC
wicked          11136  03-31-90  A k00l game.                              (CR
wildwest          384  03-11-90  Yee-haa! Cowboys and Indians              (CR
willo.sda       24576  03-18-91  A simple text adventure for the C64.      (CC
world.ark       25600  08-24-88  (GB). Wizards World txt adv. use ARC 2.30+
wormhunt.prg    10240  05-26-91  Search the field for night crawlers with only
                                 a flashlight.  Joystick required.          CC
wzrdsvlt.prg     3072  05-26-91  You're trapped in the Wizard's vault and you
                                 must collect enough money to escape.       CC
xeropus.sda      9216  07-17-92  A galaxian game.  Resembles Space Invaders.
zix.prg          5248  01-24-89  P/D version of Arkanoid. Very good!       (PC