C128 - Utilities

 ARCed files (.ARC) can be uncompacted using ARC250.SDA (DIR 7), or CS-DOS

128dir           7168  05-05-90  Prints directory on disk sleeve for 128   (CR
128mmu.gif      12587  07-18-95  Schematic using the MMU upgrade scheme 512K
                                 upto 1 Meg.
                                 Uploaded by: Henry Sopko
128pia.gif      12396  07-18-95  Schematics using the PIA upgrade scheme
                                 Uploaded by: Henry Sopko
1571bkup.sfx     5248  05-17-93  Single 1571 back-up program
1571chek.prg     1024  02-25-91  A BASIC program that reports the ROM version
                                 number of a 1571 when connected as device 8.
1581bug.dem      1024  09-29-89  Demo of a bug in early 1581's             (DC
1581util.128    37888  09-29-89  Fair first attempt at a good utility for the
                                 1581.                                     (DC
1interf.sfx     27264  03-04-95  The Interface! is an automation system for
                                 the QWKRR off-line mail reader. When used in
                                 conjunction with the Ez-loader program, you
                                 can totally automate you mail runs, and
                                 unpacking. Supports up to 10 different bbs
                                 mail packets, loading of custom files for
                                 each system, automatic recognition of
                                 compression type, and lots more. See
                                 3interf.txt for a ful description.
                                 C128, load and run to dissolve. file 1 of 2
                                 Uploaded by: Jim Dearden
2interf.sfx     28416  03-04-95  file 2 of 2 for The Interface! automation
                                 Uploaded by: Jim Dearden
3interf.txt      3072  03-04-95  A text file describing the Interface!
                                 automation system for off-line mail. 80
                                 column petscii
                                 Uploaded by: Jim Dearden
64frm128.prg     1024  09-27-89  A C128 program that will load a C64 file
                                 using the 1571/81s fast disk access, and
                                 switch to C64 mode automatically.         (CC
80-auto.arc     23552  01-17-90  Make autobooting disks the easy way.      (DJ
80colrem.prg     2048  04-16-90  A program that copies the 80 column screen
                                 memory to the REU and back again.  Mostly for
                                 programmers.                              (CC
81               2560  07-17-89  Read before running 81 toolkit
acceler.sda      6144  10-13-91  Accelerates your C128 by 20% in 40 column
                                 mode by switching to 2 mhz mode to do certain
                                 'internal' operations.  A noticable speed up!
                                 Uses memory +4864 ($1300).                (CC
access.sda      18560  01-07-91  Enables you to access a file utility program
                                 without disturbing the current task by
                                 pressing CNTRL ESC.  An editor and a
                                 calculator are included.  Works with Lobster
                                 Terminal.                                 (CC
add128.lbr      11264  09-11-88  Fast easy address book.
adiskdoc.prg    17536  08-22-88  Another Disk Doctor program.
analyze.prg      2048  07-21-91  Analyzes a MFM disk using a 1571 drive, and
                                 gives information about the disk format.
                                 C64/128                                   (CC
assist.arc       9216  07-12-92  A BASIC enhancement that allows you to scroll
                                 up and down through your program, along with
                                 program merging etc..
autobo.prg       5120  01-03-91  An 80 column program to create a boot sector
                                 to boot either 128 programs, or 64 mode
                                 programs on power up.                     (CC
automenu.lbr    22528  06-13-92  An 80 column menu program for RamLink.    (CC
basebase.prg    15360  02-02-92  Converts to and from BIN, DEC, HEX and OCT.
                                 40 columns only.
bookboot         5120  08-02-92  A REL telephone database that is easily
                                 modified.  Written in BASIC.
bos128.arc       5120  06-18-89  A menu based DOS shell type prog. download it
                                 and have a look.
browser.sfx     15360  01-10-95  A nice little utility for the 128 in 80
                                 column mode. Lets you read text files in
                                 Petscii or Ascii, read basic programs as if
                                 you listed them, (but color-coded), read the
                                 messages.dat file from mail packets, and
                                 more. This is a free-ware program from the
                                 author of QWKRR, Rod Gasson. Load and run to
                                 Uploaded by: Jim Dearden
browser2.sfx    24576  07-15-95  Version 2 of Browser by Rod Gasson. Has a lot
                                 of new features, such as reading fido
                                 packets, backward scrolling, page jumping,
                                 reading ascii, ansi, petscii, listing
                                 programs with different lines distinguished
                                 by color, and running basic 7 programs. Will
                                 read files megabytes in size.
                                 Uploaded by: Jim Dearden
browserb.zip    23272  01-01-96  Newest beta version of browser version 2.
                                 Packed with pkzip version 1.
                                 Files: 2  Oldest: 12/27/95  Newest: 12/27/95
                                 Uploaded by: Commodore Chairman
brstcp71.prg     4224  12-24-89  A single 1571 burst copier (full disk).   (CC
burst81.sda      6144  12-26-89  A 1581 ENTIRE disk copier.  Untested.     (CC
burstdmo.lbr     5120  12-24-89  A burstload demo for 1571/81.             (CC
bytecnt.arc      3072  01-07-93  Counts the number of bytes in a file. C128
c128-exp.pt1    54272  07-18-95  C128 expansion
                                 Uploaded by: Henry Sopko
c128-exp.pt2    56320  07-18-95  C128 expansion#2
                                 Uploaded by: Henry Sopko
calen128.prg    21632  01-07-93  An 80 column calendar program that makes one
                                 or twelve month calendars.  Epson compatable
                                 printouts.  C128
cassl.prg       20480  02-02-92  Edit Save and Print audio cassette levels.
                                 BASIC 7.0 40/80 col.
cat128.sda      38912  09-30-90  A disk cataloging system.                 (CC
clck4080.sfx     9216  06-22-91  Displays the TOD clock on the 40 & 80 column
                                 screens simultaneously.                   (CC
compact.prg     14336  06-22-91  Reads a BASIC program and compacts the lines
                                 to fit as many instructions as possible on
                                 one line up to 255 characters long.  Also
                                 acts as a security against someone trying to
                                 edit your program.  Also see file:
                                 UCOMPACT.PRG.                             (CC
conversn.128     2944  07-25-88  Convert metric to US System
cook128.arc     84992  06-18-92  A full featured cookbook with a recipe
                                 library.                                  (CC
copy1571.128     4096  09-29-89  Single drive copier for the 1571          (DC
copya128.prg     7296  12-06-90  COPY ALL 128 by Jim Butterfield.  A two drive
                                 files copier that works with any drive
                                 (except RAMDOS).                          (CC
cs-dos15.arc   103936  03-04-90  ** CS-DOS/ARC128 utilities for the C128 **
                                 Uploaded by: CHRIS SMEETS
cs-extr2.arc    18796  09-02-92  Contains CS-DOS commands for viewing your
                                 WordPerfect files on your 128, and for
                                 listing directories of IBM ZIP files. Also
                                 CMD subdir changing (all use CS-DOS).
cs-extra.arc     3328  06-01-92  This package contains directory/partition
                                 manipulating commands for use with CS-DOS and
                                 CMD devices. Included commands are CD, RD,
                                 MD, and CP which act somewhat like their
                                 RL-DOS counterparts, but follow the MS-DOS
                                 format a little more closely. DOCS in the ARC
                                 file.                                     (BV
cs-xtra3.sfx    35794  10-05-92  Release V3.0 of the CS-DOS Extra Utilities
                                 Pack. Existing commands: RD, MD, CD, CP,
                                 WPVIEW, and ZIPVIEW. New commands: SETRAM,
                                 RDIR, SEARCH, and IDIR. First 2 are for using
                                 expanded REU's with CS-DOS. SEARCH hunts
                                 files for text strings. IDIR does directories
                                 of IBM diskettes.
csasst1.sfx     10240  06-26-90  This self-extracting LH archive is an
                                 assortment of programs for use with CS-DOS.
                                 Included are a phone # dialer, drive number
                                 swapper and changer, batch files for easier
                                 getting, saving, & installing. Also a Basic
                                 subroutine that puts command line parameters
                                 and values into variables for use in your own
                                 programs. Documentation is included.  Thanks
                                 to Chris.                                 (GM
csdos128.txt     7424  08-11-88  Info on CS-DOS/ARC128 in TrueASCII SEQ format
cssmtwtc.sfx    14464  05-31-92  Set CS-DOS Time/Date from Smartwatch, both
                                 version B & E included                    (CC
cssmw.sfx       15360  07-11-93  Autoexec to automatically set CS-DOS's time
                                 and date from a Smartwatch vB or E.       (AB
csterm.sfx      21504  04-22-92  CS-DOS terminal program from CS-DOS V1.4
                                 uploaded with permission from Chris Smeets.
                                 This 300-9600 baud terminal with
                                 xmodem/ymodem batch doesn't work 100% with
                                 CS-DOS V1.5.  I think the only problem I had
                                 with it was the buffer, although I might not
                                 have had the REU configured properly.  The
                                 FLUSH command is not included in this .SFX.
csxtra4.lzh     54528  12-30-92  V4.0 of the CS-DOS Extra Utilities Pack
                                 Contains BVUNZIP, an unzipper for the C128.
                                 (Note that this is the corrected upload.)
csxtra42.lzh    53888  02-28-93  An update to Bruce Vrieling's CS-DOS utility
                                 pack.  Includes BVUNZIP, BVZIP to
                                 dissolve/create Pkware 1.x ZIP archives plus
                                 an updated SETRAM and others.
ctb128s2.arc    64128  08-11-88  Basic Routines Lib. from CTB Disk 2.
ctb128s3.arc    92800  08-11-88  Basic Routines Lib. from CTB Disk 3.
ctbexcel.ark    10240  08-24-88  An New Super C-128/80 Font Editor.        (GB
cursive.sfx      6144  06-22-91  A cursive character font.                 (CC
cycled.prg      21504  03-28-91  A database for the jogger or cyclist who
                                 wishes to keep track of their annual running
                                 or cycling mileages etc.  See CYCLED.SEQ for
                                 documentation.                            (CC
cycled.seq      15360  03-28-91  The instructions for CYCLED.PRG.          (CC
d128ch.prg       1152  12-28-90  A character font for Dialogue 128.  Rename to
                                 MICROCT2.CHR.  The same as MICROVT.PRG,
                                 except capitals are shorter.              (CC
database.sda    32768  07-26-91  A 40/80 column database that allows 7
                                 categories with sort, search, merge, delete,
                                 update, and print.  C64SDA file.          (CC
diredit.128     12288  02-19-90  Disk editor for the C128 very good        (DJ
dirlabel.sfx     8192  06-06-90  Runs in 40 columns only.  Prints out disk
                                 directory in 3 columns, which will fit onto a
                                 5 1/4" disk sleve.                        (CC
dis128.prg      12288  02-25-91  A full featured two pass symbolic
                                 disassembler for the C128 that disassebles ML
                                 programs from memory or disk and sends
                                 PAL/SYMASS assembly source code to the
                                 screen, printer, or to a disk file.  See file
                                 DIS128D.SEQ                               (CC
dis128d.seq      4096  02-25-91  Docs to DIS128.PRG                        (CC
diskdoc.128     17536  01-10-90  Disk doctor for native mode.              (DJ
diskdoc1.sda    40960  08-18-92  Disk track/sector editor in 40 columns.
                                 Works on 41/71/81 drives.  Includes extensive
                                 documentation on the layout of a disks track
                                 & sectors.
diskdor          1920  01-15-90  Doubles ssdd disks                        (CR
diskorg.lnx     33792  02-05-90  A C128 disk organizer that supports the
                                 1541/71/81.                               (CC
diskwhiz.1      14336  09-29-89  Very good disk/file utility in 80 columns
                                 and colour.                               (DC
disk_exp.prg     3072  05-21-90  Expands a 1571 disk to hold 1346 blocks,
                                 instead of 1328.                          (CC
dissasmm.arc    41984  09-09-89  Native mode C-128 full featured dissassembler
dissassm.sda    44032  01-25-90  Full version of C128 dissassembler        (DJ
dsk-nsr          8320  07-25-88  DISK NOSER: A C128 80 column disk editor  (CC
dskdoc28.arc    13824  07-25-88  Disk Doctor/Editor
dts128.sda      36864  02-25-91  A Freeware disk catalog program for the C128.
                                 Supports the 1541/71/81 disk drives, and is
                                 compatable with Geos directories.  Written in
                                 100% ML, with full search, sort and print
                                 functions.                                (CC
enhancer         2048  07-18-89  Enhances the 80 column display on the 2002
                                 or 1902A (others also)                    (CC
escclr.sfx       6144  03-31-91  Adds a new ESC function to the C128.  ESC >
                                 will clear the screen or window with a
                                 curtain effect, or fill the screen with a
                                 specified character.                      (CC
examples.arc   123489  07-19-91  This is the source code to most of the
                                 programs in CS-DOS's RAM disk. Useful as
                                 examples if you want to write some stuff of
                                 your own. This is a PKARC archive, so
                                 dissolve it with CSXARC. All of the files
                                 inside should be SEQ
                                 Uploaded by: Chris Smeets
ezphnb.prg       8192  08-02-92  Phone Book.
fasread.prg      1024  06-13-92  A fast 80 column SEQ file reader that's
                                 written in BASIC & ML.                    (CC
fbwin.sfx       20480  07-09-91  Helps you to handicap the spread for the pro
                                 football games.  40/80 columns.           (CC
filesp.sfx      15360  01-07-91  Filesplitter 128 V2 will "chop" up a seq file
                                 into different files.  Written in BASIC, and
                                 includes a compiled version.              (CC
findreu.prg      1024  02-05-90  A program for the 128 that searches the REU
                                 for a 5 character string, and when found,
                                 displays the address and bank# which it was
                                 found in.                                 (CC
fkdir.128        2816  07-29-88  Function keys for organizing disks. 3dir,seq
flexi128.prg    31744  03-28-91  A demo of an 80 column disk cataloging
                                 program for the C128.                     (CC
georamw.prg      1024  06-22-91  Alters the STASH, FETCH, and SWAP commands to
                                 work with the geoRAM ram expansion.       (CC
georamw.seq      2048  06-22-91  Docs to GEORAMW.PRG                       (CC
ggraph-1.sfx    24064  12-08-93  GreGraph is a graphing program written in
                                 Basic 8 and ready to run on stock C128s.
                                 Multi-line graphs wit auto-scaling,
                                 spreadsheet importing, regression,
                                 smooth-curves, error-bars, and more!
                                 Get all three .sfx files and run them all.
                                 Docs are in seq file gregraphdocs.seq
                                 contained within.
                                 Uploaded by: Greg McCarthy
ggraph-2.sfx    25856  12-08-93  The second .sfx file of three (3).
                                 Uploaded by: Greg McCarthy
ggraph-3.sfx    12160  12-08-93  The final .sfx for Gregraph.  Many printer
                                 drivers are supplied enabling GreGraph to
                                 print its 80-column bit-mapped graphs at
                                 various densities and sizes.  Gregraph was
                                 written to help with University reports.
                                 Uploaded by: Greg McCarthy
goofed.prg      19456  01-27-91  Mini wordprocessor by Ed Perry, the author of
                                 EBBS.  Resembles the message editor.      (CC
grep.sfx        24832  03-04-90  Self extracting archive contains the popular
                                 GREP string search utility for the C128.
                                 Requires CS-DOS15.ARC
                                 Uploaded by: CHRIS SMEETS
gulpcopy.arc     2048  07-25-88  1 pass 5 1/4" CBM/CPM disk backup(128 & 1750)
guru80.prg      18432  01-07-91  An updated versin of GURU80.  Fixed bugs,
                                 added colour, and is now compat with CMD HD's
hdmenu.sfx      13312  03-03-94  Menu system for the C128 and CMD hard drives.
                                 Load and run to dissolve.
                                 Uploaded by: Commodore Chairman
hexpert.sfx     13312  03-13-91  A C128 debugger by Eric Trepanier.  A 2K
                                 extension to the C128's MONITOR allowing you
                                 to single step, set break points,
                                 view/modify registers and memory, and "top
                                 stepping".                                (CC
hextest.prg      1152  01-03-91  Practice doing math in HEX on the 128.    (CC
incrboot        15872  05-05-90  Makes autoboots for CBM64 & 128           (CR
incred.doc       4096  09-29-89  Incredible bootmaker v5 documentation
                                 (prg file)                                (DC
incredv5.prg    16384  09-29-89  Incredible bootmaker Version 5
                                 This program is incredible as it can relocate
                                 the boot block if it is in use plus more. (DC
interlc.prg      4096  01-07-91  Source code for an 80 column interlace toggle
                                 wedge for the C128.  BUDDY 128 source.    (CC
keydos.arc      59392  02-25-91  Disk handling F-key definitions, a multi-file
                                 copy, multi-file scratch, RAMDOS 4.3, Quick
                                 Brown Box Files, docs.  Written by Randy
                                 Winchester.  20+ files.                   (CC
keydos.seq       4096  05-28-91  Flyer info from Randy the author of Keydos.IH
keyds2.sfx      17408  05-12-91  KeyDOS128 V2.  A utility by Randy Winchester
                                 that redefines the function keys for easier
                                 loading etc on two+ drive systems.        (CC
lharc128.arc    62080  03-04-90  LHARC format archive creator/dissolver for
                                 the C128. Requires CS-DOS15.ARC. This is
                                 version 1.1  Uploaded by CHRIS SMEETS
libv1_3.prg      6144  06-06-90  Version 1.3 of Library 128.               (CC
lineare.prg     25600  06-22-91  Inputs a line equation in general form and
                                 plots in on the 40 column screen.  Also plots
                                 the intersection of any 2 lines, computes
                                 slope, axes intercepts & angle of
                                 inclination plus more.                    (CC
load64.128        256  08-01-88  LD 64 IN 128MOD. Load C64 progams in 128 mode
lrr200.sfx      29696  01-22-95  A program that lets you transfer files from
                                 CMB-IBM and vice versa. Compatible with CMD
                                 drives, and the 1500 series. C128
                                 Uploaded by: Jim Dearden
lynx.128        34432  02-03-90  This is Lynx strictly for the 128. Good!! (CR
lynx128.arc     23680  02-03-90  LYNX XII - works with 1571, 1581, etc.    (CR
macrol.seq       6144  08-25-91  A collection of macro routines for Merlin128.
makepart.81      1024  09-29-89  Make a partition in your 1581 easy way    (DC
megaglp.prg      2048  08-02-92  Copies an entire 1581 disk in one gulp when
                                 uses with a 1 meg REU.  Supports 128K, 256K,
                                 512K and 1 meg REUs.
menuma.prg       8192  06-04-91  Creates fast menus that can be used to select
                                 BASIC or CS-DOS command lines and doesn't
                                 interfere with the BASIC text area.       (CC
menumakr.sfx     8320  12-30-92  Program that lets you design a menu system
                                 for the 128. Compatible with both native mode
                                 and CS-DOS. C128
merge            2560  08-22-88  Merge two programs together.
merge80.128      1024  01-25-90  Merge BASIC 7 programs in 80 col mode
mfpp.sfx        21632  05-29-92  Prints BASIC 2 or BASIC 7 programs to
                                 the printer in STRUCTURED form for easier
                                 debugging/editing.                        (CC
mfpp2.arc       27648  07-12-92  Outputs a BASIC2.0/7.0 file to printer or to
                                 a disk file in structured form for easier
                                 debugging.   Multi drive support, docs
microvt.prg      1152  12-28-90  A character font for Dialogue 128.  Rename to
                                 MICROCT.CHR.                              (CC
minidos.80      14336  09-29-89  Mini dos wedge - DOS helper.              (DC
mlenh.bin        5120  02-19-90  A monitor enhancer                        (DJ
mouse.sda        7168  09-05-88  Mouse emulator for the C128.              (GB
music-b.seq      5888  12-05-88  A simple, but neat music program.         (AB
music-in.drw    11904  12-05-88  MUSIC BOX instructions.                   (AB
nerdcopy.13      4096  10-01-88  Standard IO multifile/drive copier.
nim             14976  05-28-89  Nim written in Oxford Pascal 128. (No Source)
nonlin.prg      25728  01-09-91  Professional data analysis for the C128.
                                 Finds best straight or curved line through up
                                 to 99 data points.  Performs linear
                                 regression and will fit to polynomial,
                                 exponential or saturation curves.  See
                                 NONLINDC.SEQ for docs.                    (CC
notime.sfx      10240  03-01-94  A program for the 128 that calls the Naval
                                 Observatory in The States, and sets the 128's
                                 clock to the exact time. Also sets the
                                 smart-watch chip and CMD drive clocks. Runs
                                 at 1200 baud, in basic, and is easily
                                 modified. It cost me 34 cents for the call,
                                 but you can change the number to a closer
                                 Uploaded by: Jim Dearden
nrdcopy          3584  08-22-88  Nerdcopy double drive file copier by Ed Perry
nutcalc1.arc    45056  09-11-88  (1 of 2) 80 col nutrition database
nutcalc2.arc    31744  09-11-88  (2 of 2) 80 col nutrition database
nx1000cp.seq     2048  10-13-91  Pocket Writer printer file for the NX1000C
                                 printer.                                  (CC
nzp12813.sfx    27648  12-20-94  A native mode 128 program that lets you
                                 unzip IBM format Pkzip version 1.1
                                 files. Also contains qpe, a program
                                 that lets you automate the unpack-
                                 ing of mail packets and running of
                                 either Qwkie or QWKRR off-line
                                 mail reader programs.
                                 Uploaded by: Commodore Chairman
nzp12816.sfx    33792  05-23-95  A native mode 128 program that lets you
                                 unzip IBM format Pkzip version 1.1
                                 files. Also contains qpe, a program
                                 that lets you automate the unpack-
                                 ing of mail packets and running of
                                 either Qwkie or QWKRR off-line
                                 mail reader programs.
                                 Uploaded by: Jim Dearden
pageflip.128     9216  02-19-90  SEQ file viewer/buffer                    (DJ
pcs1_00.prg     16512  06-06-90  An excellent phone book program with moire
                                 pattern graphics in the back ground. Supports
                                 up to 5000 entries, and runs in 40 columns
                                 only.                                     (CC
perfont2.sda    30720  03-31-91  PERFECT FONT is a font editor with the
                                 ability to modify upper/lower case sets,
                                 including graphics, copy from one character
                                 to another, mirror, rotate, create using
                                 decimal numbers, or the regular editor and
                                 more.                                     (CC
phfind2.lbr     36864  06-06-90  An excellent phone book program that runs in
                                 80 columns.  Use Libary to dissolve.      (CC
phnbk128.prg    10368  06-06-90  An 80 column phone book.                  (CC
prntrset.prg     4096  02-25-91  A program that creates a small ML program
                                 which will send setup codes to a printer
                                 when executed.  40/80 col.                (CC
prntupc.sfx     15360  06-04-91  BASIC program to print Universal Product
                                 Codes on an Epson compatable printer.  Not
                                 fully implemented.  You must send in the
                                 shareware donation to receive the fully
                                 functional version.                       (CC
probe80.prg     32768  11-28-89  A 1541/71/81 disk editor for the 128 in
                                 eighty column mode.  Fast and easy.       (CC
quadt.prg       10240  11-07-91  Teaches you how to solve quadratic equations.
rambos22.sfx    14336  08-03-91  Lets you move data around in the REU so that
                                 you can preserve one or more dormant
                                 RAMdisks, while one is active.  This new
                                 version supports 128 users better by
                                 recognizing Desterm's and CP/M ramdisks.
                                 Supports odd-sized REU's.                 (CC
ramctrl4.sda    21504  02-11-95  Utility programs that installs 3 help screens
                                 for the 128, available with a press of the
                                 esc. key. C128, load and run to dissolve.
                                 Uploaded by: Commodore Chairman
ramdos.arc     121856  08-24-89  Latest version of RAMDOS.  Includes demos
                                 such as a spinning world, and a new POUND
                                 demo from the older version.  Should ARC/F
                                 before unARCing to be safe.               (AB
ramdos.sda      27520  07-23-88  Enables use of 1750 as (ram)disk drive
ramdos2.sfx     19456  04-29-91  Ramdos][ is a replacement for the original
                                 RAMDOS which supports ALL REUs, including a
                                 2 Megabyte REU which gives you 8158 blocks
                                 free!  C64/128 RAMDOS programs included.  (CC
ramdos44.lzh    97280  09-23-90  Version 4.4 of RAMDOS
rdreu128.arc     5120  08-23-89  Copy CP/M files to Commodore in 128 mode.(STC
readrt.sfx       5120  06-04-91  A ML program that reads the SmartWatch
                                 (Version B ONLY) time and sets the CIA #2
                                 clock.  Load into the tape buffer, and SYS
                                 DEC("B00").                               (CC
recover.81       1024  09-29-89  Recover the 1581's track and sector       (DC
reledit.prg      4096  06-13-92  A REL file editor.                        (CC
reu2disk.sfx     7168  09-17-94  A little utility that lets you
                                 copy the contents of the REU to
                                 disk, and then re-load it. Great
                                 for CPM, since it's faster than
                                 using PIP to copy files.
                                 Uploaded by: Commodore Chairman
satman.arc       4096  07-29-89  Satellite aiming assistance from your C-128.
scanner.128      3200  08-22-88  Check BASIC prgs for v7.0 compatability.
sci13cpm.lbr    44672  03-13-90  Small C Interpreter for CP/M              (BP
sci13tut.lbr    84224  03-13-90  Tutorial manual for SCI13CPM.LBR
scndemo.prg      1024  06-22-91  A BASIC demo that displays 14 different text
                                 screens, and how to access each one.
                                 Requires 64K VDC.                         (CC
sdir31.128       2304  08-01-88  SDIR31/C128. Scrolling dir, seq, etc. 80 col!
sdir31.doc       7168  08-01-88  SDIR128.DOC. Docs for SDIR31.128.  SEQ file.
seqdiv.128       5120  02-20-90  Divide sequential files up if too big     (DJ
sequtl.prg       4224  05-01-91  Allows you to create, append to, edit and
                                 print SEQ files.                          (CC
serendip.128      640  08-01-88  SERENDIPITY. ML code for LOAD64.128.
setcstim.sfx     7168  09-14-92  Sets CS-DOS's time and date from either CMD's
                                 HD or from the RAMLink if equiped with the
single2d.prg     4096  07-21-91  Makes a single sided 1541 disk into a double
                                 sided 1571 disk by formatting JUST the back
                                 side, and updating the BAM/directory track(CC
sizeac.arc      15360  07-29-89  What size Air Conditioner do you need?
squsq.sfx       33152  03-04-90  Utility to create/dissolve CP/M style
                                 squeezed files on the C128. Requires
                                 CS-DOS15.ARC. This is a self extracting
                                 archive, just LOAD and RUN it.
                                 Uploaded by: CHRIS SMEETS
stringf.prg      1024  06-22-91  Illustrates the use of strings to do precise
                                 math with BIG numbers.                    (CC
suprfile.sfx    33792  12-24-94  Disk cataloging system for the C128 in native
                                 mode. Handles Geos directoryies, CMD
                                 directories, etc. Shareware. Load and run to
                                 dissolve files. C128
                                 Uploaded by: Commodore Chairman
symdis.prg      12288  01-07-91  A full featured two pass symbolic
                                 dissassembler for the C128.  Dissassembles ML
                                 programs from memory or disk files, and sends
                                 PAL/SYMASS assembly source to the screen,
                                 printer, or disk file.                    (CC
sysclock.prg     3072  06-22-91  BASIC program that sets the CIA #1 TOD clock.
tabsntr.128      7168  09-11-88  Set custom tab stops in the BASIC editor.
tdcscmd.arc      2048  06-09-92  Set the time and date in CS-DOS automatically
                                 using the built-in clock in a CMD hard disk
                                 drive. C128 requires CMD-HD & CS-DOS      (JM
teldatv1.arc    15360  08-02-92  Requires a 1571 drive.  Keeps track of name,
                                 address, phone number, birthday, anniversery,
                                 christmas list, and notes on each person.
                                 Can also print out labels.
textread.prg     4096  10-17-89  A very good 128 SEQ file reader and printer.
                                 Allows you to scroll up and down through the
                                 file.                                     (AB
toggle.prg       4096  01-09-91  Allows you to switch between 64 and 128 mode
                                 while leaving a BASIC program intact.     (CC
tplott.prg       4224  11-07-91  Graphs any function either in cartesian
                                 coordinates or polar coordinates.         (CC
trifind.prg      4224  04-01-91  A 40 column program that finds the length of
                                 any side or any angle of a right triangle.(CC
trnspose.lbr    23680  08-25-91  A 40/80 column demo program showing how easy
                                 it is to transpose music and compare
                                 different keys.                           (CC
ts482a.sfx      37888  08-25-92  File 1 of The Servant V4.82.
ts482b.sfx      24576  08-25-92  File 2 of The Servant V4.82
ts482c.sfx      36864  08-25-92  File 3 of The Servant V4.82
ts482d.sfx      41984  08-25-92  File 4 of The Servant V4.82
ubase.arc       30080  06-18-89  C-128 General Purpose datababase. VERY GOOD!
ucompact.prg    14336  06-22-91  Reads a compacted BASIC program and
                                 uncompacts the lines back to the 160
                                 character limit from BASIC 7.0.  Also see
                                 file: COMPACT.PRG.                        (CC
uncr.sfx        12928  03-04-90  Self extracting archive containing a utility
                                 to dissolve CP/M style crunched files on the
                                 C128. Requires CS-DOS15.ARC
                                 Uploaded by: CHRIS SMEETS
unix311.seq      5084  09-17-92  ASCII file listing the new features/fixes in
                                 UNIX128 V3.11.
unixv3a.sfx     43008  09-06-91  A UNIX operating system that has 108 UNIX
                                 style commands, the EMACS editor, 8502 macro
                                 assembler, terminal program with VT50/100
                                 emulation, it's own type of FTP, and supports
                                 multiple users.  Requires at least a 1571
                                 drive.  NEEDS FILES: UNIXV3B.SFX  UNIXV3C.SFX
                                 (CC)                 UNIXV3D.SFX  UNIXV3E.SFX
unixv3b.sfx     41984  09-06-91  NEEDS FILES: UNIXV3A.SFX  UNIXV3C.SFX
                                              UNIXV3D.SFX  UNIXV3E.SFX     (CC
unixv3c.sfx     32768  09-06-91  NEEDS FILES: UNIXV3A.SFX  UNIXV3B.SFX
                                              UNIXV3D.SFX  UNIXV3E.SFX     (CC
unixv3d.sfx     33792  09-06-91  NEEDS FILES: UNIXV3A.SFX  UNIXV3B.SFX
                                              UNIXV3C.SFX  UNIXV3E.SFX     (CC
unixv3e.sfx     18432  09-06-91  NEEDS FILES: UNIXV3A.SFX  UNIXV3B.SFX
                                              UNIXV3C.SFX  UNIXV3D.SFX     (CC
upload.arc       3072  04-11-92  A Dialogue 128 script that will automatically
                                 upload multiple files (0-100+), and send
                                 descriptions to a PCBoard BBS.  Try it out on
                                 CRS!                                      (CC
usq.ark         46080  09-05-88  Access archives from within programs.     (GB
ut128.prg       49152  12-29-89  A 1541/71/81 directory editor plus more for
                                 the C128.  Supports 1581 partions etc...  (CC
uterm201.arc    47872  08-01-88  Ultraterm(inal) v 2.01
util128.lbr    104448  02-20-90  Just about every utility you will need    (DJ
util1581.prg    49152  08-23-93  C128 program for editing 1851 directories.
                                 Uses the 80 col. screen, shareware
vdcdemo.arc     18432  01-07-93  A ML routine for saving the contents of the
                                 screen under a window on the 80 column
                                 screen.  Included is a BASIC demo program to
                                 show how to use these routines in your
                                 pgorams.  16K or 64K VDC.
vdcram15.sda    16384  01-07-93  V1.5 of VDC RamDisk with PAL source.  Allows
                                 you to use the C128's VDC RAM as a RAMdisk.
vdctest.prg      2048  09-30-91  A simple program that checks to see how much
                                 VDC RAM you have.  Written by Fred Bowen. (CC
vdctrick.prg     3072  04-01-91  Shows some neat things the VDC can do.    (CC
vidlog.arc      14848  06-18-89  Video tape library database.  80 columns
wordstew.prg    21504  10-11-89  A wordfind program.                       (AB
wrdcn128.sfx    11264  07-04-93  Does a word count in a text file.         (AB
wrdpro5.prg     10368  08-10-91  An 80 column word processor written in BASIC.
xdev.zip       333159  07-19-91  This is a collection of utilities for the
                                 C128, CS-DOS and the IBM PC. They allow you
                                 to edit and assemble 128 programs on the PC
                                 and transfer files back and forth between the
                                 PC and the 128 using a NULL modem. CS-DOS is
                                 required. This is an IBM PKZIP archive.
                                 Uploaded by: Chris Smeets
xfer2reu.prg     3072  04-01-91  Copies CBM files DIRECTLY to the CP/M
                                 RAMDISK.  Requires a 1750 REU.            (CC
xlink.arc       12800  08-28-88  Reads/Writes CBM / CP/M / MS-DOS disks (1571)
z80asm.prg      32768  05-01-91  A simple Z80 assembler written in BASIC for
                                 the C128 in 128 mode.  Passing control to the
                                 Z80 chip must be done separately by the user.
zed12877.sfx    22528  02-25-93  This is an update of the Zed 128 text-editor.
                                 A few bugs are fixed, and the C=T command
                                 (send Dos Command) now works.