C128 - Music Utilities

 ARCed files (.ARC) can be uncompacted using ARC250.SDA (DIR 7), or CS-DOS

dirtypic.lnx   296064  03-29-90  Photo album of (R) GEOS pictures          (CR
mcm128.prg       2048  05-01-91  A music keyboard.                         (CC
sdstor.arc      13312  06-13-92  Converts MMA SDS (midi manufactures
                                 association sample dump standard) files
                                 to Atari ST RAW format that can be loaded
                                 and played in DigiPlayer.  80 columns.    (CC
sid128o.prg      4096  08-10-91  ML part of Sidplayer128.  Rename to
                                 SID.OBJ.128                               (CC
sidp128.prg      2048  08-10-91  A simple SIDPLAYER written in BASIC.
                                 Requires SID128O.PRG.                     (CC
sound128.prg     7296  09-01-88  A sound program.
zoun2doc.sfx    32768  03-21-93  Documentation for ZOUNDS2 - includes a
                                 schematic in GEOS format for making a
                                 digitizing device                         (JM
zounds.sfx      34816  12-11-92  a C128 sound digitiser/player. comes with
                                 schematic. load and run to dissolve
zounds2!.sfx    20480  03-21-93  ZOUNDS2 is a sound digitizer/player for C128
                                 to RECORD sound you will need to make a
                                 Digitizing device (instructions included) OR
                                 you can PLAY existing digitized samples -
                                 either C64 .RAW files or IBM/MAC sound
                                 samples (available in other Confs on CRS)
                                 C128 only                                 (JM
zounsmp1.sfx    43008  03-21-93  Sample sounds for ZOUNDS2                 (JM
zounsmp2.sfx    12288  03-21-93  Sample sounds for ZOUNDS2                 (JM
zounsmp3.sfx    30720  03-21-93  Sample sounds for ZOUNDS2 - this one is Porky
                                 Pig's immortal "That's all folks"         (JM