C128 - Graphics

 ARCed files (.ARC) can be uncompacted using ARC250.SDA (DIR 7), or CS-DOS

128demo.prg      5120  05-01-91  C C128 BASIC demo with music and sprites.  CC
16kvs64k.arc     4096  07-29-91  BASIC 8 short demo that illustrates some of
                                 the advantages of having a 64K VDC.  From the
                                 authors of ANTE UP.                       (CC
3canim.prg       8192  07-29-91  64K BASIC 8 animation.                    (CC
3d-d-dem.prg     5120  07-29-91  A BASIC 8 demo of the @stash and @fetch
                                 routines.  Plots a wire frame letter "D" and
                                 rotates it on the x & y acis.   16K VDC.  (CC
3d1902.prg      12288  07-29-91  A 3-D IPaint picture that requires 3D
                                 glasses, like you get when you see a 3D
                                 movie.  Colours are set for the 1902 monitor.
3d2002.prg      12288  07-29-91  A 3-D IPaint picture that requires 3D
                                 glasses, like you get when you see a 3D
                                 movie.  Colours are set for the 2002 monitor.
3ddemo.prg       1024  07-29-91  A short BASIC 8 program that shows how to
                                 rotate a box on the y-axis.               (CC
3ddemo2.prg      5120  05-11-92  A 16K VDC Basic 8 demo of a 3-D letter 'D'
                                 rotating.  Requires 3-D glasses.          (CC
abigbird.prg    14336  12-06-90  Rename to PICT.ABIGBORD.  A 64K MasterPaint
                                 picture of a bird.                        (CC
amy.prg         19456  08-02-92  64K VDC Basic 8 picture of Amy squirrel.
anidroid.arc    10240  12-06-90  A 64K Basic 8 animated droid.             (CC
asciiart.sfx    12288  08-02-92  Two ASCII files containing ASCII art.  These
                                 should be displayed with a view such as
                                 Dialogue's or Desterms so that the pound
                                 sybol is shown as a slash, and the left arrow
                                 as an underscore.
b8dem2.sda      56320  07-29-91  Demonstrates some of the power and
                                 versatility of the animation, 3d perspective
                                 commands, and drawing capabilities of BASIC 8
                                 when used with a 64K VDC.                 (CC
billcat.prg     14336  09-30-91  IPaint picture of BILL the CAT.  Rename to
                                 IP.BILL CAT                               (CC
biplane.prg     10240  12-06-90  Rename to PICT.BIPLANE.  A 64K Basic 8
                                 picture of a biplane converted from GIF.  (CC
blkbeaut.sda    17408  12-24-89  Black beauty horse for MEGACOL.SDA        (CC
boing80.sda     50176  02-02-90  An eighty column version for the C128 of the
                                 Amiga's famous BOING, the bouncing ball.  (CC
capistra.prg    18432  12-06-90  Rename to PICT.CAPISTRANO.  A 64K Basic 8
                                 picture of the Spanish mission at San Jaun
                                 Caristrano.  Converted from MasterPaint.  (CC
cat-scan.prg    18432  12-06-90  Rename to PICT.CAT SCAN.  A 64K Basic 8
                                 picture by Louis Scarborough Jr.  Done with
                                 the Handyscanner.                         (CC
cellular.prg     3072  06-13-92  A kaleidoscopic pattern in 80 columns.
                                 Slow but nice and colourfull.             (CC
cityme.gif      13312  09-30-91  The city skyline of Melbournce, Victoria,
                                 Australia in GIF format. 320 x 200 x 256.
domnerd.prg     15360  10-13-91  PICT.GEO DOMNERD is a 64K VDC BASIC 8 picture
                                 of the famous Domino Nerd.                (CC
door2pst.arc     7168  06-22-91  An eighty column text demo with music.     CC
emperor.prg     11264  05-11-92  Basic 8 64K VDC picture of the Saltwater fish
                                 called the "Emperor Angel Fish" in 8x2
                                 colour.                                   (CC
frank3d.sfx     29696  05-11-92  An IPaint 64K VDC picture of Frank Hudson.
                                 Requires 3-D glasses (cheap, red, blue
                                 lenses).                                  (CC
gamedemo.sda    38912  07-29-91  A BASIC 8 demo of animation techniques from a
                                 game idea.  Lasts around 7 minutes.       (CC
gemstone.arc     7168  07-29-91  A BASIC 8 program showing 3 large objects
                                 being rotated at once.                    (CC
geoplan.prg      7168  10-13-91  PICT.GEO PLANETS is a 64K VDC BASIC 8 picture
                                 if the planets.                           (CC
grumpy5.prg      9216  12-06-90  Rename to PICT.GRUMPY5.  A 64K Basic 8
                                 picture of the owner of the Starving Artist
                                 Cafe.                                     (CC
grumpy6.prg      9216  12-06-90  Rename to PICT.GRUMPY6.  A 64K Basic 8
                                 picture of Igor done with the Handyscanner64.
ipaintd.prg     56320  02-05-90  A demonstration of the new program soon to be
                                 released IPAINT which is a great proram that
                                 requires 64K VDC, and lets you draw 640 X 400
                                 graphics on screen in colour!  Needs file
                                 IPAINTD2.PRG                              (CC
ipaintd2.prg    22656  02-05-90  Part of IPAINTD.PRG.  Rename to:
                                 VOYAGERMINDTOOLS (no spaces).
ipgorill.prg    24576  10-14-90  IP.GORILLA is an IPaint picture of a gorilla.
ipnebula.prg     9216  10-14-90  IP.NEBULA is a picture of an immense Nubula,
                                 in deep space.                            (CC
ipnewtek.prg    18432  10-14-90  IP.NEWTEK is a greyscale of the Newtek
                                 'Demoreel1'.                              (CC
ipraytrc.prg    17536  10-14-90  IP.RAYTRACE-1 is an IPaint picture converted
                                 from the Atari Mega ST.  640X400 monochrome
                                 pic.                                      (CC
ip_bugs.prg     19456  05-30-90  Rename to IP.FEATURES.  View with IVS.PRG.  A
                                 colour picture of Bugs Bunny.  Great
                                 picture!!!                                (CC
ip_city.prg     24576  05-30-90  Rename to IP.CITY.  View with IVS.PRG.  A
                                 colour picture of a city with the address
                                 that IPAINT can be ordered from.          (CC
ip_feat.prg     16384  05-30-90  Rename to IP.FEATURES.  View with IVS.PRG.
                                 This file contains the features that come
                                 with IPAINT.  IPaint is a new eighty column
                                 drawing program that uses interlace mode to
                                 achieve 640 X 400 graphics!!!             (CC
ip_simps.prg    18432  05-30-90  Rename to IP.SIMPSONS.  View with IVS.PRG.  A
                                 colour picture of the Simpsons sitting on a
                                 couch, watching TV.  Another GREAT picture!
                                 640 X 400 in COLOUR!                      (CC
jes-rab.prg      8192  10-13-91  PICT.JES-RABBIT is a 64K VDC BASIC 8 picture
                                 of Jessica Rabbit.                        (CC
jugglerd.sda    19456  12-24-89  A MEGACOLOUR picture of the famous JUGGLER
                                 from the AMiga demo.                      (CC
krueger.prg     10240  12-06-90  Rename to PICT.KRUEGER.  A 64K Basic 8
                                 dicture converted from geoPaint, and
                                 colourized.                               (CC
lacetrek.prg     8192  02-05-90  Rename to LACE.PICARD.  A Star Trek picture.
mickey.128       1024  08-22-88  Graphic of Mickey Mouse.
mp-title.prg    14336  12-06-90  Rename to PICT.MP TITLE.  A 64K Basic 8 file
                                 of the title screen to MasterPaint.  Shows
                                 the features of the famous paint program. (CC
mug128.prg       5120  05-01-91  A forty column music and graphics demo.   (CC
nichole.prg     16384  09-18-91  A 640 X 400 64K VDC BASIC 8 picture of a sexy
                                 woman.                                    (CC
ninja             512  08-22-88  Ninja model in basic 7.0
pborg.prg        9216  05-11-92  Basic 8 64K VDC picture of the BORG ship over
                                 earth through the main viewer on the
                                 Enterprise.                               (CC
pctskull.prg     8192  10-14-90  PICT.SKULL is a BASIC 8 picture of a skull.
peacock.prg      2048  07-29-91  A BASIC 8 64K VDC multi colour movie.  Load
                                 and RUN under B8.                         (CC
porsche.sda     24704  12-24-89  A MEGACOLOUR picture of a Porsche.        (CC
rapport.prg     12288  05-11-92  Basic 8 64K VDC.  Loveley symbol of the
                                 eternal bonds of love.                    (CC
reflec.pic      13312  03-02-90  BASIC 8.0 80 column graphic of a forest
                                 scene with reflections in a pond. Very nice.
                                 Requires 64K VDC RAM and BASIC Paint (that
                                 comes with the BASIC 8.0 package).        (SB
rtrace.arc      13312  02-04-90  A Ray Trace animation program for BASIC 8.
sharktfh.prg     9216  12-06-90  Rename to PICT.SHARK TFH.  A 64K coloured
                                 Basic 8 version of the cover page for on of
                                 the Final Horizon newsletters.  Digitized
                                 with Handyscanner64, and colourized with
                                 MasterPaint.                              (CC
snow.prg        27648  08-02-92  64K VDC Basic 8 picture of Jeff Woods
space1.prg      17408  11-07-89  An animation program that requires a C128 and
                                 a 1750 REU.  Uses the 40 column screen and
                                 shows a spaceship shooting at a planet, and
                                 then turning back around.                 (CC
space2.prg      23552  11-07-89  An improved rersion of SPACE1.PRG         (CC
sprngmd.prg     18432  05-11-92  Basic 8 64K VDC picture of wildflowers, blue
                                 sky, green grass, and two horses (GREAT!!).
starr1.sda      39936  07-29-91  REU animation of a star rotating inside two
                                 rotating circles.  Appears to have been
                                 designed using the C128s built in graphic
                                 commands, and then saved to disk for stashing
                                 in the REU to create an animation.
                                 FILE NEEDED: STARR2.SDA                   (CC
starr2.sda      29696  07-29-91  See file STARR1.SDA for a description.
                                 FILE NEEDED: STARR1.SDA                   (CC
startrkm.seq    36864  06-22-91  Star Trek Movie to be viewed with
                                 MOVIEV2.SFX.  A text movie.                CC
turms.prg        3072  03-18-91  A short BASIC 7.0 file that dispayings
                                 patterns on the 40 column multicolour screen.
tweety.prg       9216  12-06-90  Rename to PICT.TWEETY.  A 64K Basic 8 picture
                                 of Tweety, and Sylvester the cat.  Converted
                                 from GIF.                                 (CC
ultraalp.prg    10240  02-05-90  ULTRA ALPHABET is a ULTRA HIGH RES program
                                 that displays each letter of the alphabet
                                 like 'B is for BOX', and draws a BOX.
waterfal.sda    21504  01-05-90  A picture of a waterfall for DDMEGACOLOR.
wiley.prg       16384  09-30-91  Wile E. Coyote, the 'genius' in Ipaint
                                 format.  USE IVS.PRG to view it.          (CC
wings.pic       12288  03-02-90  BASIC 8 80 column graphic requires 64K VDC
                                 RAM and BASIC Paint.                      (SB
wolfin.pic       9216  03-02-90  BASIC 8 80 column graphic requires 64K VDC
                                 RAM to view, and BASICPaint. Rename this file
                                 to "PICT.WOLFIN/PIX".                     (SB